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Friday, 11 October 2019

SOHN Hand Roll Bar Krakow - Zablocie

Good day dear hearts,

Have you ever had Temaki Sushi (手巻, "hand roll")? Well, if not, you should definitely jump on a plane and come to Krakow, to try Krakow's first handroll bar: SOHN: HAND ROLL BAR. Temaki sushi type is very similar to Maki sushi, but the main difference is that the ingredients are rolled into the shape of a tube that you need to hold with your hands. Eating it with your hands is the traditional way and when you hold a Temaki in your hands you should never use chopsticks, nor put it back on your plate. You need to take it into your hand and dip it into the soy sauce - eat is as if you are eating a taco! 

Menu's are at the door, so pick one and choose your spot at the bar :)

The Menu @SOHN.KRK
Why eat it with your hands?! It's simple: it is too big to handle in any other way! The best way to eat Temaki Sushi is get to a Hand Roll Bar that does them and eat them fresh, as soon as they are rolled up - while the nori (seaweed) is still crisp and crunchy. What you need to be careful with is the overusage of soy sauce. So... let us make things easy as 1-2-3 and teach you the 3 steps on eating Temaki Sushi right:
1. When they finish rolling the Temaki and hand it over to you, take it in your hand and don't put it on your plate. Temaki is meant to be eaten fresh and right away! Otherwise the nori gets soggy and really bad to chew, losing it's crispness.
2. You can dip it in soy sauce or pour soy sauce from the top of temaki, gently so it would not spill at the bottom - I prefer dipping as it avoids the embarrassment of spilling :) but if you choose to put sauce on top, I suggest gently tilting the Temaki at an angle (just in case things start sliding and dripping!). 
3. Start eating from the top with several bites and then in between re-dip it into soy sauce - I love soy sauce so I do this after each bite. You can pair Temaki nicely with green tea (matcha) or any traditional Japanese drink. 

A great place to test Temaki Sushi is the newly opened - just this week! - SOHN Hand Roll Bar in Krakow, Zablocie 25. We (myself and my collegues) actually work right upstairs from this place and we wanted to give it a go during our lunch breaks. They don't have everything settled in yet, not all furniture and fixtures and let touches are done but this place is so welcoming that I felt the need to share it with you. They did not get much advertisement but they have their own Instagram page you can follow and they post photos daily :) the account is private so Following is a must. The design of the place is low key, wooden tables - red brick walls - with a large bar (semi-circle) with tall chairs (at least 15 of them, I think!). 

We all had the 4 rolls option and some Korean Can Drinks - girls had Cocos-Grape drinks and we all loved them. I asked if they would have some Litchi drinks in the future and the nice owner said they are planning on it :) he also mentioned that for the time being he would like to keep only the bar, without adding tables, as the Temaki is made to be eaten fast (else the nori will get bad). We also had some matcha tea on the house, as being amongst the first to test it out. The service was fast and we all felt great being there, the food ingredients were fresh and the Temaki was delicious.
At the entrance, to your right, there is a small wooden table with fresh flowers on it, holding a "Take a menu" sign. The menu's are actually A5 papers, printed black-white, where you can pick the package you want: 3 up to 6 handrolls - and your choise of drink. There are small plain creyons (like IKEA has) that you can mark your choice, get to the bar and hand the sheet over to the "Sushi Barista" :) Everything is very minimalisticThe "Crew" and the owner are so inviting and always smiling and asking for feedback, so you will immediately feel welcomed there. The owner comes actually from LA and he is a really nice person to talk to, very inviting and he did not mind me asking if I could take a photo while they were rolling our Temaki.

The tuna and salmon were on 3rd place for me (both), Scallop came 2nd and almost all of us agreed the best sushi roll was the Spicy Surimi. Scallop came as a very close 2nd - as the texture was simply exquisite: soft and delicate. The Spicy Surimi won as it had a mixed taste - at first you would get the spicy kick but towards the end, the lingering taste, was a sweet one. I would definitely, definitely recommend you to go for lunch at the SOHN HAND ROLL BAR - the rolls kept us severals hours full.

The Prices:
  • 3 rolls: Tuna, Salmon, Spicy Surimi - 19 zloty
  • 4 rolls: Tuna, Salmon, Scallop, Spicy Surimi - 24 zloty
  • 5 rolls: Tuna, Salmon, Soft Shell Crab, Scallop, Spicy Surimi - 29 zloty
  • 6 rolls: Tuna, Salmon,Yellowtail, Scallop, Spicy Surimi, Yellowtail - 34 zloty
  • Bottled Water - 6 zloty
  • Sparkling Water - 6 zloty
  • Glass Coca Cola - 6 zloty
  • Iced Green Tea - 6.5 zloty
  • Hot Green Tea - 6.5 zloty
  • Korean Can Drink - 6 zloty
  • Japanese Soda - 9 zloty
The Location:
UL. ZABŁOCIE number 25 (ground floor) - blue, minimalistic sign above the door :)
Postal Code: 30-701, KRAKÓW, POLSKA

The Opening Hours:
Not yet official but definitely open for lunch :)  they are still training their staff so they don't have Opening Hours displayed

Would love to hear from you if you have been to this place. Did you also like it? I must admit I was curious and I just wanted to check with you, on your opinion as well :) Also, if you never did, make sure you put this place on your list and when you get there let me know what you think of it and which Temaki Sushi you liked the most!

Just let me know :)

**I was not payed or given any products to do this review. I did it on my own time and money**

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that Loves Sushi
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Monday, 7 October 2019

Krakow: Arkady - View on Main Market Square

Good day lovely people,

Hope you had a very lovely weekend! It was a bit rainy but it was weekend none-theless so we have to be thankful for that, at least. I think there is no weekend that passes in which, no matter the weather, I get into the Main Market Square with my little one. She loves going there to catch pidgeons (while she feeds them) and run around free amongst people - not once I have seen crowds of Japanese visitors taking her photo while chasing the pidgeons... I think it is due to the curly red hair and the colorful clothes my Granny (her Grand-Granny) knits her. It is a powerful combination!
The Main Market Square in Krakow is packed with bars and cafes and restaurants - anyone can pick and choose and enjoy a different one in the morning/afternoon/evening for the duration of their stay and they would have not seen them all. I haven't seen them all yet and I have been living in Krakow since the summer of 2011 - over 8 years now! I do, of course, have my favourites - that I go to once a week at least... but once you find a nice spot you know you are more reluctant at changing; though I do try and push myself to change and not become used to certain places.
WZ Cake and Apple Pie with Aperol Spritz on the side :)
We don't go as often to the Arkady Cafe in the Sukiennice (that is the Polish name for the Cloth Hall, the main building in the dead-center of the Main Market Square) but it is a very nice place, with the view over the second half of the square (the more quiet one, the one with the Admin-Clock Tower). It is right next door to the Historical Museum (from where you can buy tickets to the Underground Museum)They are actually open all year round: in the summer you can stay outside, under the arcades of the Sukiennice, but there are also some indoor options. Their menu offer includes Italian coffees, homemade cakes and good icecream (great during summertime!). They also have a wide range of cocktails.
They do have a bit of small space inside, where you can organise small friendly events - like a bachelor or bachelorette party or a small party for kids. They hire external animators and they have collaboration with the Underground Museum so they can add to that also a mini-tour for them, that ends up with a cake at the Arkady location. The conference room capacity is of 13 people and it is equipped with a roll-up screen, projector and flipchartThe staff is very friendly and they do not push you to move on and consume your drinks/sweets ASAP. The Arkady is positioned dead-smack in the middle of the Sukiennice, on the side, and it is on the ground level. The underground part is brick-walled and has comfy chairs and sofas. I have always preffered the sunny side arcades tables with 2-4 chairs. It takes a while to get your order and to bring it, but it is worth the wait of you are in no hurry and you just want to enjoy the view!
Here are some more details below ;) and if you have more questions, fire them my way! Also, for more photos and updates on places you can eat in Krakow, do drop by my Facebook Page.

The Prices:
  • Homemade apple pie - 12 zloty
  • Homemade cheesecake - 13 zloty
  • Chocolate cake - 12 zloty
  • WZ - traditional Polish chocolate cake with cream - 12 zloty
  • Meringue with cream and fruits - 12 zloty
  • Kremowka - traditional Polish cream cake - 12 zloty
  • Czarny Las (polish name for Dark Forest) - Polish chocolate cake with creamy mass and chocolate mass with cherries in liqueur - 12 zloty
  • Wine - from 20 to 80 PLN per bottle - from Italy, France, Chile, New Zealand... 
The Location:
Arkady Cafe & Cocktail Bar - Rynek Glowny 1, 31-042, Krakow

The Opening Hours:
Monday to Tuesday from 10 am to 8 pm
Wednesday to Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm
Friday to Saturday from 10 am to 2 am
Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm 

Would love to hear from you if you have been to this place. Did you also like it? I love the view on the Main Market Square from Arkady. It is the peaceful view and if there is a fair you get to see things happening right in front of your eyes. I must admit I was curious and I just wanted to check with you, on your opinion as well :)

Just let me know :)

**I was not payed or given any products to do this review. I did it on my own time and money**

With love,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Enjoys Arkady Krakow
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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Krakow: La Baguette - The Instagrammable Cakes

Dear pumpkins,

I know you love sweets and you have a sweet tooth for magically yummy things, so today I thought I would tell you about a place very close to my new work-spot: La Baguette. It is supposed to be a pastry shop but I think it is more of a "cukiernia" (that is sweets-shop in Polish language!). Four friends - 2 ladies (Magda and Justyna) from Krakow and 2 ladies (make that sisters: Iwona and Marta) from Kielce (city in Poland) decided to try thair hand at hand-made sweets/goodies. Their first shop in Krakow was actually a booth at the bus stop. Of course many people must have told them that they will fail and they will lose money and time in this investment (there will be always people that will say NO!) but they stuck up with their decision and guess what?! After 3 years they have 4 places in Krakow open, one in Kielce and one in Checiny! (info as of 03.10.2019)

Eco Friendly Spoons/Forks/Straws for the food and beverages

La Baguette -The Packaging

The yummy sernik (cheesecake) with almonds & the dark chocolate and forest fruit cake

The view from the street in Zablocie, Podgorze, Poland

Are you ready for a chocolate cake with blueberries (and jam inside!)?

La Baguette - rhubarb cake with meringue <3

La Baguette - rhubarb cake with meringue - mniam mniam :)

La Baguette: Apple pie with mascarpone and crumbs
La Baguette: Apple pie with mascarpone and crumbs

La Baguette: Apple pie with mascarpone and crumbs

Their special hits include the mascarpone and apple pie (tarta z mascarpone) or the raspberry jam cake. For Christmas I heard from my collegues/friends that they also back gingerbread (so I am looking forward to that!). All recipes, so they say, are handmade and done in a trial-by-error kind of way. The cakes are baked in the location and the owners don't save on ingredients - products for the cakes come from the local suppliers and some things (like jam and butter) they try to make themselves. You can see these ladies have a passion!

I have seen on their Instagram and Facebook page that they make cakes and pies and other desserts (cupcakes and such) for various ocasions - birthdays, name days, anniversaries, weddings... You can order them to take away or you can eat them there, in their shop. The shop itself (at least the one in Zablocie 19, in Krakow - Podgorze) is very homely and inviting. There are plenty of tables for 2 or 4 and they are flexible so you can join tables and have a bigger party of people there. Also they have these nice and cozy corners, near the window, where you can have some more privacy. There is also WIFI connection (did not test that yet) in case you need to login and work while having your coffee and cake. I am not sure if they have a bathroom/toilet - probably in the back... I would have to come back to you on that one ;) I always like to go at the bar and order there, so I can see the cakes at first hand. After that, I can choose the place or I can just take them home... your choice!

Here are some more details below ;) and if you have more questions, fire them my way! Also, for more photos and updates on places you can eat in Krakow, do drop by my Facebook Page.

  • Juices - 11 up to 12 zloty
  • Water Jug - 0.5/1 l - 10/15 zloty
  • Lemonade - 0.2/1 l - 8/25 zloty
  • Iced tea - 0.2/1 l - 8/25 zloty (this can be also Jasmin flavoured)
  • Espresso - 6 zloty
  • Espresso Macchiato - 7 zloty
  • Cappucino - 8 zloty
  • Americano - 8 zloty
  • Latte - 10 zloty
  • Cocoa - 10 zloty
  • La Jogurt - 8 zloty
  • Tarts/Cakes are per 100 grams and they go from 4.9 (Apple Pie) zloty to 10 zloty

1) ul. Meiselsa 8
Pn. – Czw. 9:00 – 20:00
Pt. 9:00 – 21:00
Sb. 9:00 – 21:00
Nd. 9:00 – 19:00
2) ul. Tetmajera 83
Galeria Wnętrz
Pon- pt 10- 20
Sob- niedz 10-18
Czynne tylko w niedziele handlowe
3) ul. Beskidzka 27
Pn. – Pt. 9:00 – 19:00
Sb. 9:00 – 18:00
Nd. 10:00 – 16:00
4) Ul. Zabłocie 19
Pon- pt 7-20
Sob 8- 20
Niedz 9- 20
5) Kielce
ul. Silniczna 13
Pn.  12:00 – 18:00
Wt. – Sb. 10:00 – 18:00
Nd. 10:00 – 16:00
6) Chęciny
Parking pod Zamkiem Królewskim
Pn. – Czw.  10:00 – 19:00
Pt. – Nd. 10:00 – 20:00

Would love to hear from you if you have been to this place. Did you also like it? I think that all cakes and pies I have tried until now tasted yummy, home-made and with natural ingredients. I loved them and I just wanted to check with you, on your opinion as well :)

Just let me know :)

**I was not payed or given any products to do this review. I did it on my own time and money**

With love,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Enjoys La Baguette
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