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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Remembering: The International Memorial Of The Lighted Candles...

Dear friends,

I was looking today through the old pictures from last time I went home in Iasi (May this year) and I bumped into these pictures from the The International Memorial Of The Lighted Candles and I felt the need to post the below pictures.

The Memorial is to remember us of people who died of AIDS or that are affected by AIDS.

After taking some pictures of the lovely chinese lampions that were set in the sunset in the Piata Unirii and listening to Cosmin Vaman I went out with 2 of my dear friends from faculty :)

Here you have awesome Cosmin Vaman :)

The Curious Eye Of The Public ;)

The flyers :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

All the best :*

The LadyBug :)
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The Cradle of Life and Art

Dear friends,

True words are these:

“Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean sea.”
Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba the Greek 

My first true trip outside the Romanian border was when I finished my 12th grade :) It was a present for myself, for doing very well at all the exams and getting into the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Of course, I am not counting the trips (when I was small) in Moldavia, as I do not recall most the experiences back then... nor do I count traveling in my mothers womb (in the last 3 months, I think! of her pregnancy) to Croatia and back. But sometimes I do believe that my mum's traveling with me while still inside her, helped me to be so eager to travel :)

Anyway! The first time I traveled was when I finished 12th grade and I went to Greece with my maths teacher (she was and still is a pretty fine and educated young woman, who helped me develop and open myself a lot!). We went to Paralia Katerini and we stayed there for almost 10 days - we went by bus when there were still borders and I had to have a passport and they would check each one of them :) I remember that when we came back to Romania we stayed almost 6 hours at the border... we were having a huge picnic while the policeman were checking the passports.

My first trip was magical... I went to Athens and I fell in love with the city. I loved the small streets but also the immense Acropolis. The immensity of it all was more overwhelming somehow than even the Empire State Building itself... but... I should not compare as they are so totally different and yet so beautiful!

Skiatos is one of the small islands that are a must in a trip to Greece! The sand is one of the finest you can find and the water is co crystal clear that you can stand it the water until it reaches your neck and you will still be able to see the bottom of it - you will see your legs on the gold sand and little fishes nibbling at your feet :) You will see the mountain falling directly in the sea and you will see on top of the mountain the hotels in which even Princess Diana stayed :)

Meteora is also one of a kind :) (even though, I must admit, later on I went to Barcelona and Montserrat is quite similar but yet different!) and it is incredible what the monks were able to achieve with so few tools but with (I am sure!) a lot of prayers :) I am happy I was able to see this place not once but even 3 times in my life :) and I am happy that, unlike Athos, girls/women are allowed here :)

Well... I have seen more places in Greece and I must say I am eternally in love with this country and that  I will always feel at home there :)

Below you can see a picture of one of my last trips there... Greece! I MISS YOU!!!

The picture was done in Paralia Katerini, near the pier, in one of the cold days of autumn end...

Yours truly,

The nostalgic LadyBug

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Day Of The Mojito Virgin :)

Dear friends,

As I am trying so much to stop using Facebook to share my pictures, I will bug you here :)
I just came back from the casual Saturday walk with my fiancee. It was raining in the morning and we had different plans for the day but we decided to take a risk and go out in the city center a bit, for a small walk :) That small walk ended up in more than 4 hours of basking in the sun and going round and about the Main Square - Small Square - Wawel Castle :)

Here are the pictures done today :) (well... some of them... as I have a habit of taking too many of all details possible) :) Enjoy them and have an awesome rest of day! I know I shall ;) I will prepare food with my lovely fiancee (well... he will cook and I will just do the mashed potatoes ;p) and watch a movie later on :)

Weird statue posted in the Market Square of a Baranek singing on some kind of instrument :/

Polish traditional costumed lady in the Small Market Square :)

Weird decorations on the top...

Awesome hand-made bag I really liked <3

Guess who's there?! ;p

Me and my friend - the poet - Adam M :)

Old buildings... old beer... :)

How to properly pour a beer :)

Picture perfect: My fiancee - Mojito Virgin - Heineken Beer - Mariacki Kosciol  

Sipping on my Mojito Virgin and having a lovely morning with my fiancee — with Marek Rosiek at Rynek Główny (Main Square).

My drink: Mojito Virgin <3

My fiancee's drink: Heineken :)

Here we are - Kissed by the sun :)

Getting lost on Krakow... impossible :p (except in Kazimierz ;p)

Swiatowid - the 4 faced god from old Poland :)

 Warm sun impromptu picture near Wawel Castle :)

Faithful dog statue...

Green time one more time :p

My lovely fiancee near a cute old-style restaurant :)

Budapest is only a stick-throw away ;)

My fiancee: What are you taking pictures of?!?! :/

Awesome oldie car in the Krakow Main Square :) You can find this kind of treasures each day :)

"Sorry I'm Latte" ;)))))

My lovely fiancee in Plac Matejki :)

The Grunwald Statue Group in Plac Matejki :)

 Me holding the dead man's hand ;)))

The dead man - macro?! :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Cheers everyone :*

Yours truly, with loads of love The Happy Bumblebee LadyBug :*
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