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Monday, 24 June 2013

La Blouse Roumaine...

Dear friends,

I was not sure if I would manage to write another post today about "La Blouse Roumaine"...
I must admit that today is the Romanian Blouse (Ie) day and I am proudly wearing one :) I may even post pictures of it later on ;p but until then, I will show you some old pictures of me wearing a THE blouse :) I must admit I wore Romanian Blouses in Greece most of the time as they were so fitting and they do have a similar type of blouse, though not as soft and silky as we do it, and not that ornate either ;)

So enjoy the pictures below :)

This picture was taken during one of my first trips in Greece (November 2008) - The "ie" in the picture is made by my grandmother and it has no embroidery but it is 100% cotton and it is so smooth you can barely feel it :) Here I stand on the Athens ruins...

These 2 pictures are from September 2009 and the "ie" is a very old one :) It was my grandmothers and my mum also wore it :) Again the pictures are taken in lovely fair-weathered Greece - near Katerini

Here I am wearing a "ie" on the event we had to host at the end of our Marketing and Business Communication Master Degree - Party Around The World In One Night :) I could not find (unfortunately) a skirt to make the full costume but I wore here the "ie" from my granny :) This was May 2010 ;)

And here I am in July 2012 with a dear friend of mine at Tuffli - the best sweets shop in Iasi ;)

The idea came also from Matisse... La Blouse Roumaine is an oil-on-canvas painting by Henri Matisse from 1940. It measures 92 × 73 cm and is held at the Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris.

The below extract is from the Facebook main page for this event ;)
The initiative of la Blouse Roumaine is to declare June 24th The International Iia’s Day, with the purpose of promoting iia, the traditional Romanian blouse, as a symbol of our country and its beautiful traditions. Here is the translation of the original post.

"If we try to get together, via social media, and promote the traditional Romanian blouse worn by Romanian women since ancient times, iia (pronounced Eeah), could become a Romanian brand to be recognized internationally.

I have chosen the day of June 24, 2013, Sanzienele, an ancient summer ritual still celebrated in remote Romanian villages, as the International Iia’s Day. I vacillated between June 24 and August 15, the day of Saint Mary, but our friend Diana Nastase found an old tradition in Maramures, which convinced us that Sanzienele, the good fairies of Romanian folklore, wore them :)

What you need to do is very simple. On that day, each of us should wear a iie, take a photo and post it as profile picture on Facebook or any other social network. How old or new your iia is, if you inherited from you grandparents, or great grandparents, or it is a modern adaptation of it, it’s not important; what’s important is to be white with the traditional embroidery. It doesn’t matter if you live in Romania, or abroad, if you are Romanian, or just someone in love with Romania and Romanians, the important thing is to wear iia with love and pride.

So we will dress for a day the entire planet in Iie. To see the effect and the extent around the world, we decided to set up a web application and mobile, which will collect all pictures of girls and women wearing iie.

First step was to initiate La Blouse Roumaine group and declare
June 24 the International Iia’s Day. Our main priority is to distribute and communicate the message as well. We need creative proposals for campaign ideas online, posters, graphics and messages. You can post on the group FB page or send an e-mail to

Thank you. Have as beautiful a day as a Romanian Iie !"

La Blouse Roumaine

Loads of hugs from the LadyBug :*

Latest update - this is a picture taken moments ago ;)

 Proof that also today I wore a traditional Romanian blouse ;)

Cheers! :*