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Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Day Of The Mojito Virgin :)

Dear friends,

As I am trying so much to stop using Facebook to share my pictures, I will bug you here :)
I just came back from the casual Saturday walk with my fiancee. It was raining in the morning and we had different plans for the day but we decided to take a risk and go out in the city center a bit, for a small walk :) That small walk ended up in more than 4 hours of basking in the sun and going round and about the Main Square - Small Square - Wawel Castle :)

Here are the pictures done today :) (well... some of them... as I have a habit of taking too many of all details possible) :) Enjoy them and have an awesome rest of day! I know I shall ;) I will prepare food with my lovely fiancee (well... he will cook and I will just do the mashed potatoes ;p) and watch a movie later on :)

Weird statue posted in the Market Square of a Baranek singing on some kind of instrument :/

Polish traditional costumed lady in the Small Market Square :)

Weird decorations on the top...

Awesome hand-made bag I really liked <3

Guess who's there?! ;p

Me and my friend - the poet - Adam M :)

Old buildings... old beer... :)

How to properly pour a beer :)

Picture perfect: My fiancee - Mojito Virgin - Heineken Beer - Mariacki Kosciol  

Sipping on my Mojito Virgin and having a lovely morning with my fiancee — with Marek Rosiek at Rynek Główny (Main Square).

My drink: Mojito Virgin <3

My fiancee's drink: Heineken :)

Here we are - Kissed by the sun :)

Getting lost on Krakow... impossible :p (except in Kazimierz ;p)

Swiatowid - the 4 faced god from old Poland :)

 Warm sun impromptu picture near Wawel Castle :)

Faithful dog statue...

Green time one more time :p

My lovely fiancee near a cute old-style restaurant :)

Budapest is only a stick-throw away ;)

My fiancee: What are you taking pictures of?!?! :/

Awesome oldie car in the Krakow Main Square :) You can find this kind of treasures each day :)

"Sorry I'm Latte" ;)))))

My lovely fiancee in Plac Matejki :)

The Grunwald Statue Group in Plac Matejki :)

 Me holding the dead man's hand ;)))

The dead man - macro?! :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Cheers everyone :*

Yours truly, with loads of love The Happy Bumblebee LadyBug :*