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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Trip Down On Memory Lane

Dear friends,

The other day I was celebrating my 2 years in Poland :)

Watching old pictures, I bumped into some really nice old pictures I took with my cellphone, in my first month of living in Krakow.

On the 30th of June, 2 years ago, I was taking the below picture...

The place is not the same and a lot of people left my life and lot of people came into my heart to fill the empty places left. I guess that is life :)

Now there are no longer just 2 buildings. The complex is starting to take shape and as we speak the  Quattro Office Park is building it's 4th building - 2 of them are operational fully and the 3rd one needs only a bit of finishing touches :)

I must say, Polish lads are working fast as hell when it comes to buildings!!!

High regards from the relatively tall buildings :)

The LadyBug aka Buburuza aka Biedronka :*