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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

We Were Born To... JUMP!

Dearest friends,

Today I am celebrating 2 years since I made one of my important steps in my life: coming to Poland  and living in Krakow :)

After visiting Krakow 2 times in my life - last time being in Krakow for almost 12 days... I realised that I feel like home here, and I would not mind it if I would ever live here. Fortunately enough, one of my friends was also a Team Leader in the Corporation I was part of :) and she offered me the same position I had in Romania back here in Poland... How was I to say no to such a chance?! So... bravely or foolishly enough I took the step over the cliff and... I jumped! :) Oh! But how I loved that jump!

So... less than a month later I was back in Krakow...

The trip was a lot of fun... I remember it even now...

 I had to take a bus from my city until the capital - until Bucharest - and it was awesome as the bus I took was taking me directly to the airport :) Unfortunately I had to wait like 3 hours in the empty waiting room as it was one of the first morning flights... as you can see on the above picture, noone was around at the boarding gate... not even the ladies that had to check the ticket :)))

When the light finally cleared and we could board, the rain that already started a few hours ago got even more serious and I was thinking that the flight might even be cancelled... quite bad, as my flight was in 2 parts: Bucharest - Warsaw - Krakow and at that time I was panicked at the thought of being stranded in Warsaw, the wonderful capital of Poland (I was thinking I will not find anyone speaking english to tell me how to get with all my imense luggage to a train/bus/car that would get me to the awesomely cultural Krakow :) ... eh! nonsense, I know!)

But after the panic moments, happiness came and the flight took off and by the time we landed in Warsaw I was deadly hungry and as I had around 3 hours to spare, I started watching the news (of course, in polish!) and ate breakfast :) Eggs and bacon! My fav ;)

Anyway, the rest of the road was great and even though the weather looked very much like "The Deathly Hallows" movie it was a gorgeous time for me :)

In these 2 years I learned a lot and I grew so much and learned so much... Now Krakow is my second home, due to my Best Half and my second "family" here I learned a lot and been through a lot in these 2 years and I believe I have grown since the warm summer day girl 2 years ago :) I agreed with my fiancee that this time he will not buy me any presents as we are saving for the wedding... meanwhile my laptop went dead so we agreed on buying one, but "not just yet" but "when the time will be right". Instead we will buy a hard drive to store all the million pictures I take well... here is the hard drive he bought 


P.S. I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture, my hand was continuously shaking and I could not take a normal picture as long as I tried..

Well... Here is to 2 years in Poland :)

CHEERS!!! :*

With loads of love and everlasting memories,

Buburuza :) aka... The LadyBug (in Romanian language)

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