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Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Casual Dinner :)

Dear friends,

I know it comes as a surprise a second post for today but I would not have done you justice with just a few lines and one small picture of a bus ticket ;)

I must admit I do not know how to cook and most of the things I try to do get burned :) I am quite of at doing scrambled eggs with cheese and marjoram, pancakes with Nutella/Finetti and bananas, liver with onion and "mamaliga" (traditional Romanian dish) and aslo ocasionally at cabbage with meat :) If I would have a normal oven I could even bake sour cherry pie ;) As it is... my fiancee is the cook in the family and the most amazing cook ever! :) Everything he does is just delicious.

Here you can see mashed potatoes (made by me... that is my job ;)))...) and "mizeria" (which is a salad made out of onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, sour cream and pepper and salt) and meat with roasted onions <3

Of course I could not compare with his cooking/baking skills so I bought the sweet stuff :) and at the time the meal was made it was strawberry time so I bought some strawberry-jelly tart that was very good ;)

So... this was one meal in the end of June :) I will not tell you what we are having today as it is delicious and you may come visit us just now ;p

Om nom nom time LadyBug ;)))