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Friday, 19 July 2013

And The Oscar Goes To...

Dear reader,

Well the OSCAR goes to... ME! :)

Well at least for a year it did ;) In my first year of work in the corporation I am part of, there were awards for the hard work and devotion of the first line agents. And as I was the top first line agent since I started picking up the calls, I was invited with my TL and the 2nd best first line agent to go to Krakow for the weekend, to the OSCAR Gala :)

It was my first - short and brief - contact with Poland/Krakow and it left me with a hunger for more :) We stayed there 3 days - housing and flight payed by the company - and we went to the mountain side for the Gala :) I have no idea where... I just know that we drove from Krakow (Lubicz street) for more than 2 hours... somewhere in the mountains... to a spa place :)

Of course we also had some fun time... We had a bit of Off Road (with a Close-To-Death Experience, when we hit a tree and the tree was the only thing between us and the gap/chasm... freaky!)... Off road driving = suicidal tendencies if done without a safety seat belt ;)

This is a picture of the awesome spa place we were :) We of course had some spa time... with massage and scrubbing that took more than an hour... I never felt more... ZEN :p

This is a photo of happy me after the spa :)

After one day in the mountains, the next day we came back to Krakow and we started wondering around :) This is Plac Szczepanski :) there are a lot of museums around and it is extremely close to the Main Square :)

This is the main building of the University here in Krakow :) quite old and beautiful, I may add ;)

This is taken inside the Wawel Castle :) My first time inside the Castle :)

This is me outside the Castle walls. Just before I went in and fell instantly in love with this place...

And this is one of my first pictures of River Vistula :)

Old memories... great times ;)

Yours truly,

Ladybug :)