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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Being a guide in Krakow is fun :D

Dear friends,

Life is all about sharing: moments, experiences, knowledge :) 
That is why one of the first resolutions when I got to Krakow is know more about this city and - in time - have my friends over and show them WHY?!?! I have made the decision of coming here, working here and eventually finding a fiancee :) (Wait! I did not find a fiancee! He found me :)...)

Anyway, since September 2011, I hosted my friends (along with my awesomely kid and loving fiancee) and I have shown them around Krakow as a pro guide :) I must admit that everyone was impressed over my knowledge and everyone was even more impressed over Krakow :) They all agree that it is a beautiful warm and home-like place :)

Here is a picture from Krakow - near Galeria Kazimierz - on one of my fav bridges :) It looks quite like a turtle shell... does it not?! :)

One of the first friends I showed around Krakow were Lucian and Adrian :) I knew Lucian since my years in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and he finished Marketing specialty too :) Here you will see me showing them The Old Town and the Schindlers Factory :) Schindlers Factory is a must in my own tour - everyone should see it at least once in their lifetime (along with Auschwitz and Birkenau and the Warsaw Uprising Museum in Warsaw).

Anyway, the two pictures above (that were taken in the same day as the one with the bridge) are taken in front of the St. Piotr and Pawel's Church :) on our way to the Wawel Castle :)

Going around the castle, in order to see the impressive (and navigable) river Vistula, one can see the Dragon guarding the den and also a set of hand prints of famous polish people and one famous English actor (that, btw! is one of my personal actors since the moment I saw him first in "Rob Roy" until the latest "Lie to me" series)... and... the English actor is... Tim Roth <3

 Then you can slowly take the flight of stairs taking you to one of the 2 main entrances of the Wawel Castle :)
I recommend entering the Castle and just resting for a while in the courtyard... just as we did:

Here you can see my famous pose (semi-lotus) and you can also see Lucian having some tan and me trying to torture him ;))

 After taking a tour of the castle, we exit via the 2nd entrance, and we take some great pictures of its walls, its doors and the cathedral's tower :) It is quite a challenge to get all 3 in one picture but Lucian managed the impossible here :)
Also, laying down and feeling the pulse of the street is possible ;) but not mandatory :) I consider it mandatory for myself, as I love this place ;)

The next stop is - of course - at the Schindler's Museum (Schindler's Factory) at Lipowa 4 :) where all the above 4 pictures were taken. I must admit that I no longer can count how many times I have been to this museum (my hands and feet fingers would not do...) - I went there alone (payed and not payed - as each Monday there is free entrance) and also accompanied and also as guide and I ALWAYS find new things! :)

The next one to come visit me was Roxana :) and again... I took her (of course!) to the Schindler's Museum  :) Unfortunately she did not stay long - only a few days... But we did have a lot of fun. The 3 of us (me, my fiancee and Roxana) had a great time and we want to repeat that :) Don't we, kitten? :*

Our 3rd guest was Flo :* unfortunately it was wintertime and we had to huddle ourselves in a lot of clothes to get warm but we also had a good time :) I even took her to a cemetery nearby :p as we both love cemeteries... I understand they are not appealing for the large audience but you can find interesting statues in it ;) and monuments ;)

Last - but NOT least!!! - was Dana :* We are like 2 peas in a pod together :) The 2 pictures above were taken by here - first one is on "The Lovers Bridge" (my second fav bridge in Krakow) on our way to Schindler's Museum and the second one is in Schindler's Museum, in the first room. The third one is with me and Dana, inside the Chapel of Wawel Castle, trying to move the largest bell in the Cathedral (the one that rings only when the Pope is dead or a king is dead/elected)... 

It is always a lot of fun, especially if I get to host them too :) we get to sit and plan the next day and tell stories of the days that passed over a cup of water/tea or a beer/shot of vodka... or whatever we prefer :) The best is when it comes with one of my fiancees awesome Polish dishes <3 I must admit he is one great cook! (and no! I am not marrying him because of that :p) 

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

With friendship and love of Krakow,

The LadyBug Guide :p