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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Chicken Food/Foot And Sweet Wine :)

Dearest friends,

Yesterday night I had some reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good time with my friends from work :) This week it was Liudka's birthday so yesterday we celebrated her with a girls night. I was happy I could join as I did not have such great fun in a very long while :)

Here are some pictures from last night ;)

FYI I have using flash so I am sorry if the pictures are not THAT focused :) We were moving a lot ;)

It is always good to have 2 Canon camera's at a party ;) Ana has an awesome Canon and I must admit her pictures look much more pretty than mine... I still have to learn more about "my baby".

Jenga is ALWAYS a good idea in parties, especially after drinking some wine ;)

Let's stir it up sugar :)

The awesome summer cake! <3 Liudka, this one totally rocked the house ;)

Fresh homemade tea and strawberry cake... Om nom nom time ;)

Chicken food please?! ;)

And let us mix it all together! :)

Homemade wine vs. Moldavian Wine :)

The lovely other half of our host: Amadeusz <3

Dziekuje bardzo jeszcze raz Liudka :)

Yours truly,

The Happy LadyBug :*