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Monday, 29 July 2013

Krakow By Night

Dear friends,

I must admit I do not have a lot of pictures taken with Krakow by night-time. Sunsets, sunrises, mornings, middle of the day and noon - YES! :) but the ones with Krakow by night are only a few.
I admit I can get quite scared when it comes to night shots as I am so stubborn as not to use the trepied my fiancee bought and I always have to take a couple of shots until I focus right and keep my hands still from shaking...

Here are a few shots of the Main Square :)

Sukienicce on fire :) Seems like that, does it not?!

Sukienicce Interior @ night-time - the only time when empty...

St. Mary Church - Mariacki - the most beautiful church in Krakow and its symbol :)

Sukienicce on the East facade :) during night-time :)

Hope you liked them :) If not please do tell  ;)

Yours truly, the LadyBug :)