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Monday, 15 July 2013

Late Sunday Post - Posted On Late Monday :)

Dear friends,

I know it is quite late to post this but I had no time to do this on Sunday evening. This weekend was one of the most zen weekends I had for a while and I must admit I was more peaceful and calm than I thought I would be at the beginning of the weekend. On Friday it rained and it continued with the raining on Saturday so I thought: "Oh God! Not again! Not rain!" - that usually means staying in the house and I absolutely hate that! Outdoors is what I love... Thankfully enough the rain stopped at around 6 pm and a bit and I could go to Liudka's birthday party :) I came home late night but I had my awesome fiancee waiting for me to walk me home so I was safe ;)

Sunday was a mess as we did not know what we will do and at what hour as we were waiting since Saturday to go out with our friends - who just came here for a wedding and would drive back to Bratislava as soon as the wedding would be over. Thankfully enough we managed to meet and it was an awesome time together :) with a lot of good news and good fun! Nona, I sincerly hope you guys will come back and you will stay longer :)

Also I had again the chance to be guide in Krakow, and my fiancee admitted that he learned new things about Krakow with me as a guide, so... SCORED!!! :)

Here are some pictures from the walk :)

Lovely Nona :) Lady, I love your dress :) And your tan :) And your happyness :) Please keep it like that forever and do visit us more often :*

Nona's cute and very friendly fiancee :)

A bit of Krakow... a bit of coffee :)

This is what happens when you are taking your hobby serious ;)

Portret of the LadyBug done by Nona :)

Et voila! Nona et moi <3

 And better yet, the LadyBug and its fiancee ;)

And here is a shot of my awesome Strawberry Fresh <3 that tasted heavenly but took too long to get to me... I understand that there are a lot of people to serve and it is the center of Krakow - the Main Square, Sukienicce - but if you want us to come back or say to people how great the place is you really need to move faster... Both our fiancees had their beers and coffee's in time but Nona's frappe and my fresh just took tooooooooooooooo long to get to us... I know the lady appologised that they have a lot of clients but... still! For shame!...

Either way, it was a perfect Sunday evening :) and when we stared going back home from Galeria Krakowska we bumped by mistake into another good friend of ours - that we do not get to see much, even though we work in the same company... So we went out for some fresh new drinks :) Somehow the Galery is our "bumping into each-other place" :) But I sincerly do not mind, especially if I meet people I like/love :)

So... I had some awesome lemonade :) and my friend shared a pretzel with spinach and blue cheese with me. The pretzel was roasted on the grill and tasted heavenly and I do not actually like spinach that much... I kinda react like Superman reacts when he sees kryptonite! ;p But this one was delicious! I must give Caesar what is Caesar's ;)

The thing was I could see and taste the fact that everything was homemade and fresh and that made it even more better :) The place is both for smokers and non-smokers and it has a terrace :) The place is named Bunkier Cafe and you can check it HERE so you could see them on the internet ;) They are open daily and you can have both breakfast and brunch there ;) I highly recommend it! :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Well... I guess that is all folks... thank you for listening to my belated story of Sunday Evening :*

Yours truly,

The LadyBug :)