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Friday, 26 July 2013

Like Sun And Moon...

Dearest friends,

I am going to tell you today about my sister...

Today it is my sisters bday and the reason I am doing this post is because I love her a whole bunch :*
The title of the post today is "Like Sun And Moon..." because that is exactly how we are - how much we look alike: like the Sun and Moon... My parents never wanted one child and my mum always hoped that she would have either 2 boys or 2 girls - but either way she wished we would be healthy. And that is the best thing to wish for children: to be healthy :) Mum as you can tell has 2 girls... 2 girls that are similar as the Sun is similar to the Moon :) We both are born on the 26th :) (me in October and her in July) and both of us are born at 6 o'clock (me in the morning and her in the evening)... you never seen 2 more different people (it is funny when I hear now people saying that we look alike...). My sister is creative and smart and she had finished the Faculty of Journalism and now works at a National Journal. I am proud of her and I love her a whole bunch!

This is a picture of my sister I took a long time ago... back when I was in my first of second year of studies at the faculty... I was attending a photo-course and I "used" my sister as a photo-model :) This is back when she had long black hair :) She is like a chameleon... she had her hair done in all the colors possible - black, blue, red, pink, yellow, orange - and each time she looks gorgeous :)

I am happy that this May she came to visit me in Krakow and she stayed for 2 weeks! <3

This is a picture I took of her on her 1st day of traveling, on the 2nd of May :) - it was awesome being again a tourist guide for free ;))) but this time it was for MY SISTER! :) Unfortunately the weather in May is quite rainy... but we still had a lot of fun ;)

This is a picture that my sister took - Her caption was: "Coffee MUST taste better here" ;)))

Here is another picture I took of my lovely sister with the most famous "Trololo Guy" ;)))) If you dunno where to find him, tell me and I shall guide you in the right direction so you could take a proper picture ;)

I must admit that having my sister in the house was a lot of fun :) She tried for the first time to shoot with a bow (my bow) and I got to be her own personal trainer... I have to say that things might have got a bit out of hand... hence the picture here... Here is how she put it: "Give a man a bow and he's freaking robin hood. Give me a bow and have your house redecorated"... true story! :p (Yes! That is a whole in the wall!)

But of course I have not kept my sister inside the house as punishment :p as you can see here I took her for a stroll along the beautiful Vistula - here you can see us walking like an Egyptian... ;)))

Of course we had some pretty fine weather too - good enough to make some "To be or not to be... pitzi" pictures :) The selfies were a must, even when my fiancee was around ;)

Here we were trying to find our place for the first time to the Polish Aviation Museum... we might have got lost for like half an hour... maybe a hour... but it did not matter! we had fun and we had time to take more pictures :p Guess who's there?

Yes! Exactly! It is us :) "You are allowed to take 5" ;)

Here we are! Casually strolling in the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow :) That was a lot of fun and a day well spent... I think we took over 500 pictures of airplanes and old cars (they had some ;) very nice models)... The weather was lovely and we agreed that we must see this place again ;)

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I have to tell you one of my personal discoveries in the museum :) That is... a old Star Wars poster of A New Hope <3 As I am quite a huge fan, my sister and my fiancee did not know what happened to me (they could hear me say "Oh my God! This is not possible! Oh my God!" and repeating that...) until they got to the place I was standing and staring... of course I had to take a picture! (ok... maybe several :)... eh!)... what can you do with a huge fan? Indulge him/her ;)

Anyway... The Polish Aviation Museum is a treat for everyone - from small ones to grown ups ;) and I was glad I was there with my sister and fiancee for the first time :) It was awesome! :*

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

But... enough of museums :) I wrote this post due to my awesome sister so... I raise a glass in her honour, I hug her tenderly and I give her a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...(wait for it...)...uuuuuuuuuuuge kiss! :*

I love you, big sis ;)
Your one and only, LadyBug :*