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Friday, 12 July 2013

Magical Hot Choco

Dear friends,

It is the little things that make us happy... I was just thinking of last month when we had a lovely weather but the last week of June was pouring rain almost each day... I was actually thinking London was moving here ;)) Truly weather can be a pain and can transform you from a happy bumblebee to a sad puppy with a rain-soaked face...

Little things can make you happy... The day looked lovely at around 9:30 AM when I left the house, and as it was a "visit day" at work, I dressed proper in a black dress. All good, until the fact that at 6:30 PM when I left for home outside was raining and the wind was blowing so hard that during my smoke break (no! I do not smoke!) with my fiancee (he does, but hopefully he will quit soon...) I had some Marilyn Monroe moments (wind twirling my skirt and such...)...

It was so bloody cold and I had no jacket that I thought I would freeze... I always walk to work - it is a 20-30 min walk... and almost in the middle of the way there is a Wonderfully-Magic-Petrol-Station-Called-STATOIL <3 that most of the times saves me from trouble :) it is open 24/7 (unlike the Lewiatan on my way...) and in case I forgot something I can just drop by :) In this case, I was freezing and feeling sickish already so I decided that I need something hot... I instantly remembered that they have the most awesome hot chocolate I ever tasted  - and I could add if I wanted as much cinnamon as I would like :p and I LOVE CINNAMON!!! :)

So... of course I took my black umbrella through the rain and headed for my warming drink :) Of course it was awesome and warmed me inside-out :) and by the time I got home and took the warm shower all was well again :)

Of course when I got home I had to take a picture of me and my savior ;))) It was the proper thing to do, and as a lady I must make sure all things are in order ;) Of course when I saw this picture it gave me the feeling of school-girl-being-naughty-and-caught-by-rain-while-she-was-in-a-mood-for-coffee ;)))

Here is me and my best friend :) I know it says coffee but it is hot choco <3 I hate coffee! I love how coffee smells but I cannot drink it... the only one time I drink it is at weddings...

This being said, find your own little thing that makes you happy and be happy today! Everyday! :*

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

The Hot-Choco-Fan LadyBug :)