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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ode To Sernik

Dear friends,

I must admit a fact: I am not fond of sweets but I do have my weaknesses :)
Some weaknesses you already know: photography, traveling, art, fruits :p but today you will find another one: CHEESECAKE!!! <3

One day this past month I was out shopping and I saw this awesome huge sernik (cheesecake in Polish language ;) ...) that was just shouting out for me to buy a piece and take it home with me. As you know I am nice and kind so I bought some :p with the help of my awesome fiancee :*

Here is how it looked (no editing ;p)

I must admit that I never did a cheesecake but I would love to learn. My fiancee and also his mum do the best cheesecakes and apple pies I ever tasted <3 but for you I searched the internet and this seems the easiest one: Chantal's New York Cheesecake :) It seems to look like the one I had ;)

P.S Yes, I know you seen me eating sernik before :p HERE! ;p

All the best from your Sugar-High LadyBug :)