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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Om Nom Nom Time :)

Dear friends,

I must admit I am quite a fan of some places in Krakow :) Some clubs, some coffee shops and some food places :) One of this places is "Restauracja Palce Lizac".

It is a place that my fiancee found while the corporation we are part of was still located on Lubicz - exactly in the city center, near my beloved Galeria Krakowska. "Restauracja Palce Lizac" is a very cute restaurant - not fancy but with the most awesome food I ever tasted. It is located near the Galeria Krakowska and The International Bus Station on Bosacka so each time we came from Romania and we were very hungry we would just drop by and relax :)

Here you can see the exact location :) just near a small and quiet park were I used to have my lunches-to-go with a dear friend of mine (while taking pictures of trees and dead birds...)

You can of course check the site of the restaurant as it is both in Polish and in English language ;)

Here you have one of the first dishes I ever ate at this restaurant - more than 1 year ago... - and it consisted in french fries and 3 types of salat and pork with moulded cheese over it... heavenly! <3
Also in the distance you can see the mushroom dish my friend had :) The size of the portions are quite big and everything is done perfectly!

You must try - if they have - the mushroom soup as it is creamy and delicious!

Here you can see the pancakes :) one of my personal favs... you can get sugar high from just one... but there are 2 so better be prepared for an overdose of sweetness... with Finetti and sour cream over it and cinnamon sprinkles it is very hard (if not impossible!) to resist! :)

Or you can have an icecream ;) topped with whipped cream and strawberries (if it is the season ;)...) and Finetti sticks :) 3 cups of icecream - choco, vanilla and strawberry...

Have a try and tell me how you liked it ;) I know you will LOVE it and come back again :)

P.S. The name of the Restaurant is for real. Palce Lizac = licking your fingers... and that is EXACTLY what you will do after you will taste the food ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Yours truly,

The LadyBug :)