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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Dear friends,

I was looking in my old blog and also my old pictures and I figured out I must tell you more about my travels :) so today I will tell you about "Vaticano sacro" :) And I must say to you that truly ROMA = AMOR (Roma spelled backwards ;) …)

One cannot help falling in love with Rome. It is a glorious place. Opulent and decadent and attractive at the same time :D

I reached this lovely place on March 31, 2010 and “camped” in Ciak Hostel. The hostel is pretty much nicely located and some of the persons who work there are really nice and good at conflict handling (for I had a part of that too, to make the experience complete). Not far from the Collosseum – only 15 minutes of nice walk when you can explore the surroundings :D and taste a gelato (try the one with honey and nuts, for I did and it was gorgeous – I know… reminescents from my greek style of life…)

We left at 5 o’clock in the afternoon after a few days... after a sunny rain :D so … thus… I managed to see many faces of Rome… 3 days of lovely italian sun and one of small rain with a beautiful sun afterwards while we were on the BusShuttle to Fiumicino Airport ( I do think the best way to go to Rome from Fiumicino is by this special bus, that takes you up to Termini Station. And it is only 8 euro – 16 euro both ways. Tell you the truth, I do think they should change the saying into “All the roads take you to Termini – instead of Rome ;) ) …friends know why :D )

The first thing to do, when you go to Rome for at least 3 days, is to go to Vatican City – the heart of Rome, the state within the city, the place where the Pope lives and where the Swiss guard rules…

Here you can see a picture that I took of the Swiss Guards :) Colorful fellows, are they not?! :)

I dare say that without going to Vatican, your trip in Rome would not be complete. I must say I did not plan to see it so many times in my short stay in Rome but it was a pleasant surprise :D In 3 of the 4 days I have seen the Vatican. I have seen it during day time – night time and the middle of the day, with or without clouded sky – and I do believe it is beautifully enchanting…

This is one of the first picture I took inside the Vatican City :)

 This is my personal fav shot of the trip :) Lovely Vatican walls <3

View of the sunset over Vatican - picture taken from the Mausoleum of Hadrian, usually known as Castel Sant'Angelo <3  A place I fell in love with since a long time ago :)

Vatican deserves a day at least – to see the tomb of the previous Popes (were you can see the tomb of Papa Joan Paul the 2nd, were numerous Christians pray), the inside of the Basilica San Pietro (were you can see the wonderful Pieta by Michelangelo… you almost feel it is real…) and then the Vatican Museum… that is far greater than any museum I have seen… I believe you can stay there for days and you would still discover something new every moment :D I recommend the Map Room and the Sistine Chapel – the best parts of the museum :D by far!

This is a picture of me (how small I seem!) going down the stairs of the Vatican Museum...

And these are... The Stairways To Heaven :)

I do like the fact that I was still a student for I was able to receive discounts of almost 50% at every museum by showing off my Student Card :D
I have been also to Vatican on Friday evening and I have heard the bells of the Basilica ringing for the resurrection of Christ, I have seen how the actual Pope gave light to the people on Easter Eve … it was truly wonderful… sitting outside with the crowd… waiting for the light :D I do believe I love the ceremony :D it is truly special… Latin and Italian language truly gives one a special feeling :D

This picture was taken on the night before Easter night :) The nuns were silently praying...

On our second day … we went to Vatican to see Pieta and we also assisted in the arrangements made for Easter… there were so many flowers (brought from Holland) and olive trees… truly wonderful :D

One place you must stop while in Vatican is the Postal Office :D it is the safest way and the shortest way in which one can send a postcard :D a postcard cost approximately half an euro and the post ticket depends on where you want send it (65 cents for Europe and 85 for the USA and Canada).

tip: if you need, you must go to the Vatican bathrooms ;) they are squeaky clean :D

Here are a few more random pictures from Rome :)

This is a picture taken from the plane :) I always loved flying and looking at the clouds shifting and changing colors and forms...

Here I am chatting with a statue in the Borghese Gardens ;)))

And here I am also in the Borghese Gardens exercising my ZEN position ;)))

Here you can see Piazza Del Popolo with its 2 twin churches :)

And here you can see me :) on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo :) There was an old cute couple I asked to take the picture as I always wanted one with this statue of the archangel. He was cute and he said that he "will surely take a picture with 2 angels" ;))))

Until further notice, ciao! :* baci!

The LadyBug :*

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