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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Beauty And The Magical Cello

Dear friends,

This post is written in the memory of a great time spent yesterday in the Main Square in Krakow :) Yesterday I must admit that I saw and heard one of the most magical things I have encountered. I am very fond of music and art and I know several types of instruments - including in Paris, a few years ago, I encountered for the first time the Hang instrument :) One of a kind! Well yesterday as I was out and about with one of my friends I bumped into 2 interesting things:
  1. The President of Poland who was on a short visit - with some other officials - in Krakow. When we were walking we saw there are several helicopters in the Main Square area and as we got closer to St. Mary Church there were more and more policeman and bodyguards. Someone was clearly in the church. At first I thought it was a celebrity marriage but we waited and in about 5-10 min the President popped out :) Unfortunately I did not have the camera with me so I cannot prove it :(
  2. In the Main Square (the side with Kino Pod Baranami) there is a market open with handmade things and also there was a stage with a beautiful and talented woman with a instrument I never saw live before (and I must admit, I did not dear think it existed)... Electric Cello! I must admit that I was under shock and I stayed for all the length of the rehearsal. At the end I could not help myself and I came and ask if I could buy her CD as she was so talented. Ana Rucner is the lady I listened and unfortunately she and her manager did not bring and CDs for the trip in Poland, but she told me that at 8:30 PM I could see her again and hear her play :)

 This is a picture I took with my mobile phone and I put it up on Facebook in a second :) Unfortunately it is not of the brightest quality but I did not have the camera with me...

Thank God I found out that the concert was later on that night, so I rushed home, had a shower and ate something fast and came back to the city center :) I must admit I was tired as hell as I was up since 5:30 AM... but what will not one do for the love of art?! :)

Unfortunately the concert was not 100% with Ana but she was the special guest to Goran Karan I Vagabundo band Concert. Both of them are from Croatia and are well known artists, but I must admit that I would have rather loved to see a concert of Ana Rucner with the special guest being Goran Karan ;))) I am - of course - not saying that Goran is not good. I must admit that he has a lovely voice and he is pleasant to listen :)

You can find Ana both on Youtube HERE and on Facebook HERE :)

P.S. Yes, Of course I took a picture with her ;))))

Sit yourself down and enjoy her music as it is art :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Your Art Lover,
The LadyBug :)