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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Post About Ke-mo sah-bee (or The Lone Ranger)

Dear friends,

As I have promised you in my post HERE, I am doing a review ( my first movie review on this blog, btw ;) ) on the movie I saw last Saturday with my fiancee and with my good friend Ewa: The Lone Ranger.

The idea of the movie came from the comic book born somewhere in 1938-39...

Ed Kressy was the first artist to draw the comic strip version of Fran Striker's 'Lone Ranger' in 1938-39. He was assisted by his studio colleagues Dick Sprang (pencils) and Norman Fallon (inks). Kressy was succeeded by Charles Flanders. Previously, he had drawn the 'Fact Finders' feature, and he had worked as an advertising artist.
He also did art for comic books, such as 'Power Nelson' for Feature Comics and 'K-7', 'The Scorpion' and 'Sky Wizzard' for Hillman Periodicals. He additionally did lay-outs for Dick Sprang's run on 'Batman and Robin in Detective Comics (1943).

P.S. As you can see from the comic book images above, the Indian was not supposed to be so bare chested, but I guess that having Johnny Depp as Indian and with his chest hair showing off brought more teenagers to the cinema ;)

I must admit that they did their best in acquiring a full list of attractive and popular actors in order to drag the people into the cinema seats: The Inevitable Couple Depp - Bonham Carter (what can I say?! they are indestructible!), The Lovely Lady - Ruth Wilson (you may know her from the BBC 2006 version of Jane Eyre or maybe from the latest version of Anna Karenina where she played Princess Betsy Tverskoy), The Lone Ranger ( the brand new and gorgeous looking actor Armie Hammer - I know it from the funny version of Snow White: Mirror, Mirror where he played the prince :) ...fitting!) and The Epic Villain! (played by the awesome Tom Wilkinson - you may know him from Batman Begins, RocknRolla or Shakespeare in Love ;) heck... any part he plays he is brilliant!)

The main idea of the movie is the fact that the native American warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice... 

Be careful about whom you bring with you at the movie, as even though this is based on a comic book the motion picture rating is "Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense action and violence, and some suggestive material"

The Director of the movie is the most awesome Gore Verbinski who worked previously with Depp in all the 3 parts of The Pirates of The Caribbean :) 

I must step up and admit I loved watching this movie as the settings were absolutely brilliant! With large angles and correct amount of light it made me wish I was there or at least one day get to visit those places :)

Filming locations:
  • Creede, Colorado, USA
  • Albuquerque Studios - 5650 University Boulevard SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  • Monument Valley, Utah, USA
  • Monument Valley, Arizona, USA
  • Moab, Utah, USA
  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Chinle, Arizona, USA
  • Sunland, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Hurley, New Mexico, USA
  • Angel Fire, New Mexico, USA (exterior scenes)
  • Lone Pine, California, USA (Tonto flash back)
  • Durango, Colorado, USA (train scenes)
  • Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA
  • Shiprock, New Mexico, USA
  • Alamosa, Colorado, USA
  • Puerco Valley, New Mexico, USA
  • Texas, US
Long live USA for delivering us such great scenes to have a Ranger - Indian movie :)

Here are a few examples below:

Oh yes... I know the last picture (still from the movie) does not fall precisely in the category of "lovely setting" but hey! Look at the colors! look at the dresses and the style of the "lovely ladies" (yes... since "Les Miserables" when I see a prostitute in a movie the song just POPS in my head...)... 

Helena (yes, of course I am on first name bases with her!:p) is brilliant playing the dowager owner of the Prostitutes Inn (let us just call it like that...)... Heck! Even by the fact that instead of a leg she has a ivory tattooed leg that opens up and becomes a shotgun... need I say more?! and even though she does not get to have that much contact with Depp, still you can hear sparkles in the air :)

The relationship between Depp and Armie is brilliant in the movie and you can see that they got on along just fine :p During the movie, Tonto (Depp) prefers to call The Lone Ranger bu the name of Ke-me sah-bee which continuously pisses him off (along with other cases: Tonto feeding his dead raven or trying to kill him several times, or trying to steal his boots, or making him to ALWAYS wear the mask).

P.S.S. Ke-mo sah-bee (/ˌkmˈsɑːb/; often spelled kemo sabe or kemosabe) is the term of endearment and catchphrase used by the intrepid and ever-faithful fictional Native American sidekick Tonto, in the very successful American radio and television program The Lone Ranger.
It is sometimes translated as "trusty scout" or "faithful friend" in Potawatomi. Its use has become so widespread that it was entered into Webster's New Millennium Dictionary in 2002.
In the 2013 film The Lone Ranger, Tonto sarcastically replies that it means "wrong brother" in Comanche.

Another cute character in the movie is Silver - The Lone Rangers horse :) The White Spirit of the Grand Canyon, the guiding spirit that (in the movie) helps bring Armie back to life, a mystical creature who bonds to our hero John Reid as part of some sort of cosmic destiny. "There is so much interaction between the actors and Silver that his personality really comes across very well," the film's horse trainer Bobby Lovgren told the Atlantic Wire in an interview last week. ... Silver is as much a part of the Ranger as his mask is... you cannot have one without another. He even knows how to fly! :p 

Silver is a shining light - a beacon in this movie - and the relationship on screen with the actors (especially Depp... but well... we all know that he loves these eccentric roles that fit him like a glove!) is just brilliant! Ah! And I have to mention that the beautiful horse named in the movie Silver had his real name as... Silver! How epic and fitting can that horse be? Let me mention that there were about 5 extra stunts horses on set (just in case!) but this beautiful horse did over 60% of the action in the movie. Way to go Silver!!! :)

The movie itself is sorrowful and very aesthetically pleasing but that does not make it brilliant. It is fun, catching and the music is fitting (especially for the fight scenes/action scenes) and makes you tap you hands/feet in the rhythm of the music (even though it is classical music... e.g. the "Finale" which actually is the William Tell Overture... EPIC!... to have a chase between 2 old time trains with all the participants in the movie... jumping from one cart to another, from one train to another...).

Overall I am glad I saw this movie (good parts and bad... and weird... check the freaky rabbits... I will say no more but you will be shocked... and children may not sleep at night :p) as I had a good fun! It made me and my friend laugh out loud several times (hey! the rest of the room was laughing too... maybe it was the movie, maybe it was our laughing.... who knows?! I care not! :) I had fun!) and I think that is the most important thing ;)

Either way, I recommend it ;) It is a nice and easy going movie - good to be watched with friends ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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