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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Unknown...

Dear friends,

Everyone has a fear and it is afraid to face it... Sometimes my fear is of the unknown and that is why I always try to make huge "leap of faith" steps and grow out of it :)

I love having long hair and even though I always keep my hair tight in a bun and no one knows its real length. That is for me to know and my fiancee to occasionally admire :) The good part about it is that at parties and especially at weddings I can let my hair down and everyone is shocked over how long and how voluminous it is... What did you use? How is it so curly and so huge? It's like a mane! Well... one of the awesome parts is I used to be a red haired chick :) When I was small my hair was "kissed by the sun" and I miss that... now... when I sit mainly indoors my hair color changed and I have brown(ish) hair... I know that if I would stay in the sun it would get to my normal beloved color but... There isn't much sun about Krakow :p mostly rain...

People usually get haircuts due to society rather than anything else... There is - of course! - nothing bad about having long hair! But the problem with long hair is that it breaks frequently and it leads to an uneven and even messy appearance... Of course SOME people :/ get their hair cut in order to look cool/professional/stylish/in touch with the latest fashion... It depends what you want: look pro for an interview, look hot for a date or just... punkish so all people would stare!

Anyway... I must admit I have my haircut not often at all and I do it only to avoid split ends! I do not like myself with short hair as I look even more boyish than I sound, plus my very curly and frizzy hair would made me look like I was afro (not that I would have anything against afro! no no no! it just does not fit me!)
The last haircut I had was in March - the 6th, to be more precise... I wanted a haircut and somehow it got to my head that I also would like to have my own color... my lovely red :)

It was a little bit like "Mission Impossible" as I did not had an appointment at any place and I wanted everything done in that date - else I would change my mind on getting red haired again. As I was going home I forced myself into the saloon closest to my home and I entered with grace and being assured I am making the right decision... in a split second my world was turned... both 2 young ladies did not speak English :( an as you can tell (even though I am here for 2 years already...) I am not THAT fluent in Polish language as to explain a hairdresser what I would want/need... I almost backed out... thankfully one of the ladies had a guy to cut his hair and he knew a bit of English so we managed to settle the color and the length of the hair...

The hair was supposed to be cut "in stairs" but...well... as you can see in the picture below... it did not end up like that... The fun part was when she asked me a question and I did not understood her... she was asking me if I want my hair dried normally of done with the board for straightening the hair. Of course I did not get the picture and she had to show me both instruments... and that was a big dilemma... As this was my first time having my hair colored I said I should not stop here, so I agreed (eyes closed and half smile on my face) to get my hair straightened... What can I say!? the lady was magical and even though I was scared as never before, I must admit that I adore what she did and if I will ever feel the need for a change, I want her to do it! :) Also my fiancee had quite a shock...

This is the first picture I took of the new haircut/haircolor, the minute I stepped inside the house :) I just had to let my sister and mum over the huge change :)

Below you can see me in a picture one of my friends took when I arrived at the office 6 hours later :)

I must admit that I gave quite a shock to EVERYONE at the office ;))) I came in this flower-power red(ish) dress and with black stockings and black boots with heels (and I NEVER wear heels except at parties and special events)... Wow! You should have seen my fiancees face ;))) (FYI he bought me as a present in March - for womens day - the plaque for straightening hair... as he loved it THAT much ;))... what can I say?!) and I am just going to mention that one of my baby-girls told me I look like a "Spring Fairy Princess" :) Well THAT made my day! :)

So... as I will always say... Life will always begin at the end of your comfort zone :)

From yours truly,

The LadyBug :*