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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Working Hard OR Hardly Working

Dear friends,

Almost a week ago I was posting some of my old sketches... Today I will share again a few of my old pictures from my workplace in Romania. When I had some time off I used to sketch a lot. In 2010 - 2011 I believe that I did most of my works and I made many presents for my friends consisting on sketches and drawings. Even though I know I am not that talanted and as much as my friends would like me to sketch them, I was never able to sketch real life... Heck! I am no Picasso :p

 As you can see I could focus back then even while instructing the users how to fix their issues and while being the unbeated Top Performer for both Poland and Romania :)

These 2 pictures were taken in November 2010 when I was sketching the series of Sailor Moon - as you can see in the picture I am trying to do the most awesome one: Sailor Pluto.

Did I mention she had green-dark hair and could stop time?! <3


This is the last sunset - in the 17th of June - my last working day on Romanian land... my work-window had a good view over the sunset...

P.S. Don't let the pictures trick you into thinking I was not working hard. I was multitasking - and I must admit I love that. Sometimes it relaxes you very much, especially if you have angry customers ;) and fixing issues while on the phone and occasionally doodling might even enhance your performances, if you are into artsy stuff ;)

Yours truly,

Sketch Wannabe Artist - The LadyBug