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Friday, 9 August 2013

1 More Year To Go...


Until what, you say?! Well... until my fiancee will became my husband, until I will change my family name, until I get married and I will wear something old - something new - something borrowed - something blue :)
Until I can say that I am his for life, for better and for worse :) I know... I am becoming very sentimental, so instead of boring you with kind of talk, I shall bore you with some of our pictures until today :p

Lovely June afternoon in the Main Market Square :)

Lovely May pictures from our trip to Iasi :) The first picture is taken @ Oana and Dan's Wedding :)

Picture taken in front of the Gloriette, in Wien, in March :)

Early in the morning on the 1st of January, this year :)

December 2012 - From Zakopane with love :) In the mountains, up high... picture done by Piotr :) with our cute camera :)

14th of August 2012 - Natalia and Zibi's wedding - my first polish (very unconventional!) wedding :)

Warm August Evening in 2012 Krakow Main Square :) Going to see Batman :p

Warsaw in June 2012 :) Warm weather and cool fountains :)

May 2012 :) At the lake and in Krakow, Limanowa :)

April 2012 :) In Iasi :) My fav tea place - picture done by mum :p

March 2012 pictures done by Piotr Cichocki :) Here you can see 4 pictures from the set of our first pictures taken together :)

Et voila! :)

Hope you liked today's post :)

Special thanks to Piotr for his awesome talent in taking pictures and for all my friends who supported me in this journey of  "growing up" and a big THANK YOU!!! :* to my fiancee as he has all the patience in the world :*

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Your loving LadyBug :)

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