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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... It's August Time!!!

Dear friends,

It is hot! it is warm! it is sunny! it is AUGUST!!! :)

I like August a lot :) My awesome mum was born this month and without her I would not be here :*

It is so hot I would not exit the house... but one has to work... so... in the meanwhile, in the coolness of the house, I can relax and again indulge in looking at old pictures... Today I will post some pictures I took last year in August. Most or them are done with the camera of my phone, so excuse the quality of the pictures :)

This picture was done on the 5th of August 2012... I really move how the train blends in with the small forest... the shades of green and red and yellow <3 I just HAD to take this picture :)

This picture was done on the 15th of August, when we were returning from a friends wedding - my first Polish wedding, but totally original! He did his wedding in a club he was a DJ in and it was a whole lot of fun ;) but it is funny to come back in the early morning... and walking home... see "666" displaying from a street sign which usually is used as a traffic light...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... the last picture is a picture I randomly took in August of the awesome Krakow skyline :) I know that people say (and it is also tested and proved) that Krakow air in the city is THE most polluted in Poland. The smog here top notch ;)

Hope enjoyed my little flashback :) have a cold drink and relax as it is August :)

The LadyBug  :*

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