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Monday, 19 August 2013

Be Where You Want To Be!

Dear friends,

Accidentally one can bump into very interesting stuff  - from time to time ;) Like this setup in Galeria Krakowska... I was here for more than 2 years until I managed to take a picture and think about what it may mean...

Find your place... in capital letters and big enough for everyone passing through the Galeria to see.. and above it, the meridians and the locations or the biggest capitals in each country... including Bucharest and Krakow and Warsaw ;)

I think that everyone should be entitled to figure out their own path in life, to find their own place. Home is always where your heart is but what happens when your heart is in more than one place? My heart is here, in Poland, with my fiancee and my friends, but at the same time it in Romania, with my parents/sister/grandparents/friends... and I can even extend to say that I have left parts of my heart in the places I have been and I have sent away part of my heart to the places I would love to be/would love to visit.

Life, as you know it, is more complicated and you cannot just say that 1+1=2... it never does... but what you should strive to is to find the place that you are most happy in and the place you can put your head down and say that you feel at home. A place you can charge your batteries for the next day... a place you feel safe :) well... sometimes it does not have to be a place in space... it can be the heart of the one you love, it can be your head/heart or the 2 of them combined...

Good luck in finding your safe heaven :)

Yours truly, the LadyBug

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