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Monday, 5 August 2013

Day 2 with Cozi :)

Dear friends,

My second day with my friend was even more awesome :) Due to the fact that we also had some good rest the previous night ;)

I had an appointment in the city so I left my fiancee to come with Cozi to the city center and just meet in the Main Square. As far as I could remember the "Tour de Pologne" was in Krakow the previous week so nothing should have been happening in the Main Square... wrong! The End of the Tour de Pologne was Saturday!

In case you did not know... Tour de Pologne is the biggest sport event in Poland. The cycling race held every year visits 400 cities and towns. Over two million fans support cyclists along the route of the cycling race.
Tour de Pologne is on the prestigious list of over twenty the most important cycling events in the world, next to such famous races as Tour de France or Giro d’Italia. The race manager is Czesław Lang, an outstanding Polish cyclist, the winner of Tour de Pologne in 1980.

We had quite a rough time to get to each other through the pulsating crowd and the hot sun above us, but my fiancee rewarded us all by getting this Nutella (my love... <3) for free :p 3 boxes, one for each ;)

We had a chance to stand and cheer for the teams that passed by and that was fun! :)

During our way to Wawel Castle my eye caught this very cute and old doorknob :)

And "Cracovia Danza" was our pit stop :) I knew I would find them and I was actually really hoping I will get to see the Scottish Dances (they were featured this year) and I think that God heard me as we ended up in the inside garden of the Castle just in time to see the Scottish Highlanders Dance :) I was very sad that this year it was not that much audience (it was EXTREMELY HOT!!! and the stage was not place in the inside of the castle, but the garden... in the direct sun heat wave! :o Big no no!!! Dunno what they were thinking :(

Look at his skirt/kilt twirling!!!

Lass taking pictures :)

And there was also some group dancing ;)

And the typical dance between 2 swords :)

I bet they were really hot... although they looked lovely!

And here is Cozi catching a bit of Shade :)

The lass with red curly hair and yellow skirt reminded me very much of Merinda from the movie "Brave" <3

And back to watching some Tour de Pologne ;) under shade, of course!

And the day was fulfilled with some sweet stuff at my lovely Bona - Ksiaszka i kawa :)

The Lad: ice cream with fruits and whipped cream
The Lasses: fruit salad <3

It was a great time and I am glad my friend is here! :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

With happiness,

The LadyBug :*

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