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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fishy Embassy

Dear friends,

Last Saturday I had a lovely time with my cute Romanian friend with my awesomely fun and crazy Polish ones :) We agreed on the meeting place and the time and I had the honour to organize a FB event (yes, that is how I usually roll and most probably I will even do a FB invite for all my friends for my wedding ;) it is safe that it will reach everyone).

The first meeting place was Ambasada Sledzia - located on Ulica Stolarska 8 (just in front of the USA Embassy) and very close to the Small Square. You can find a very diverse menu there for any time of the day: breakfast - lunch - dinner or just for coffee and/or drinks ;) (which you should always serve here with some fish ;) trust me!). There is no style of dress-up here. You just need to use your common sense and feel comfortable with yourself. The nice part about the place is that it has both outdoor and indoor seats and the outdoor seats are covered so in case it rains you are safe ;)

The direct translation on the name "Ambasada Sledzia" would mean "The Embassy of the Herring" - as you can see the emblem of the place is a herring ;) so it all makes sense now, huh? :p The place is open 7 days a week and sincerly speaking I never saw it closed :) It always has good traffic and it is never out of fresh food and drinks ;) (for every taste!)

What can I say... I love my friends and I missed them sooo much! With all the different shifts and different jobs it is hard to regroup and see eachother in larger numbers but I am glad we made it! :)

Here you can see one of my friends lovely other half :) We knew eachother from FB but live she is even more awesome!!! Plus... did I mention my friend is half polish and half swedish?! How awesome is THAT?! I know a Viking!!!

Here you can see a couple of shots from the cute pub :
1. Ladies with flower crowns waiting for the "Florence and the Machine" concert and in the meanwhile having a small beer ;)
2. Lights above us, casting earie light
3. A part of the Menu from the pub - you can see and make up your mind here what you would like ;)
4. Just a small look inside the pub :)

I really love this place and I highly recommend it :) You can also check them out on FB... HERE! :)

P.S. I must admit that the guys/gals who are clearing the tables in-between are awesome! Look at their skills with the tower of glasses :o I would have them broke in the next second... and he kept going :o my respects!!! (Insert a bow here)


Et Voila! Me and my fiancee :) Happy time indeed :) We must do this again guys!!!

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Yours truly,
The LadyBug

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