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Monday, 12 August 2013

Je ne sais pas comment parler français, mais j'aime Paris!!!

Dear friends,

In August 2010 I have visited lovely Paris with my awesome friend Clara :) After a bunch of planning and booking up WizzAir plane tickets and settling out for a very cute (yet weirdly designed) hostel located exactly behind the Moulin Rouge :) we were off on our way to adventure. We had the flight from Bucharest and we arrived in Paris in the late afternoon... I am not going to tell you how awesome it was and how I wish we would have stayed more than 5 days! But I will attempt to show you some pictures - random pictures - from our trip. The photo's are both done by my Nokia phone or my Claire's camera :) so... enjoy!

 Alexandre Dumas tomb - Cimiteire de Montmartre - lovely author that I enjoyed since I was a small child...

This is by far the best picture taken by my mobile and I am very proud of it!!! Artful Louvre Museum...

The guy was making bracelets - red and green:)

 Moi et le petit Tour Eiffel  :)

Emile Zola - Cimiteire de Montmartre 

Good bye lovely Paris :* Au revoir! - this is a shot of the plane we went home with...

Hang drum artist that I really enjoyed  - it was the first time I heard a Hang live and I also have the CD :)

Hector Berlioz - Cimiteire de Montmartre

Holding fair Louvre ;))) — at Musée du Louvre.

Inside Louvre - sculpture part :) = my part :) We agreed that we shall visit only the paintings and the sculptures and that took as like... 4 hours... going FAST! :p

Inside of Versailles castle — at Château de Versailles.

In front of the Arch of Louvre Museum

Arches and trees - courtesy of Claire :)

Refreshing walk to Louvre Museum  <3

 Marie Antoinette's flower garden and small houses — at Petit Trianon.

Paris Metro - Train station to Versailles :)

In the room where fair "Mona Lisa" sat  :)

And more paintings in The Louvre :)

Notre Dame de Paris looking for Esmeralda — at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

The Orangery :) Versailles... My love!

More pictures studies inside The Louvre <3

Sitting bench - Paris train station to Versailles - august 2010 — in Paris, Ile-de-France.

Petit Trianon gardens...

Resting in front of the tower :)

Random but beautiful sculpture on a tomb in the Montmarte Cemetery...

A view over Seine with Notre Dame de Paris :)

A view over Seine on the other side of the Notre Dame :)

Beautiful Sitting chairs in the Dauphin room in Versailles :)

Resting in front of the Louvre after a 4 hour tour ;))) — with Clara Popescu at Louvre Pyramid. And as you can see I am taking my fav pose to do in front of the huge attractions while sightseeing: yoga semi-lotus style ;) free as a bird, that is how I feel!

I did not find the Hunchback but the view was breathtaking!!! — at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

Regard! Le Tour Eiffel!!! :X

Good bye my dearest Versailles! (this is the last picture I took with my phone...)

Resting - for the view :)

Walking around - beautiful small streets with the prettiest coffee shops I ever seen yet...

Cold water on a cold rainy night in Paris :) I admit it is the same day I had the picnic under the Eiffel Tower, with grapes and cheese and having 2 nice friends by my side :) also same day we had the longest walk in Paris and we ended up sightseeing in the middle of the night all the beautiful parts of enchanting Paris :)

I surely wish I will get to see Paris one more time... Claire Bear I miss you loads! :*
**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

With loads of love and nice memories,

The Paris-Versailles-Lover-LadyBug :*

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