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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Just Another Night With Cozi

Dear friends,

I feels so awesome having my friend around :) Being able to speak in my own language and joke around and make fun and being for once in the other place where you can actually gossip about people on the street, without them knowing (not that I would do that often, God forbid!)... It is awesome having someone you love and care about next to you and I must admit I love my crazy Cozi. Going with her out or just staying home and sharing thoughts is very refreshing :)

Last night we were too tired to watch a movie so we just sat down after dinner and has some fresh non pasteurised beer and we watched old pictures and checked my fiancee's collection of postcards (which is quite extensive and growing slowly but certainly - he has postcards almost from every continent - my fav ones are from Africa, from our good friend (previous TL) Magda).

Here you can see the awesome beer that my fiancee and Cozi drank (I totally refused it, but I tasted it and I must admit that it was quite awesome!)

After the beer we had some small shots of Vishnovka :) and we continued the stories of each postcard. This one with the Big Ben is quite an awesome one - one of my fav, I must admit - and it is from one our friends established in London (Lia - an expat like myself).

Here you have more postcards - we have 3-4 from Japan also ;) and the one with the 2 silouettes is from Africa and it is a card handmade (painted <3).

I loved the other day! I love spending time with Cozi and I love my fiancees stories!!! <3
Do you have a postcard fetish also?! If so, tell me your story ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

With love,
The LadyBug

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