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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kawiarnia Noworolskiego w Sukiennicach

Dearest friends,

I love lazy Sundays! :) Don't you?!

Last Sunday there was such a nice weather that I wore for the first time this year my beloved short and black H&M pants and I headed off with my fiancee and my friend to the Main Square to see what's going on and just to soak in the sun and let myself be kissed by the sun :)

Here you can see an epic picture with my fiancee on a street with his name ;))) And here you can see the picture of one of Babcia Malina's car :) It tried to blend with the awesome church on Ulica Sw. Marka but we did not get fooled ;)

Here is one of my fav coffee/beer-hanging-out places :) It is AntyCafe and one day I shall do a review on it... it eludes me each time as when I go out to party I tend not to bring the camera with me... this is a place I loved dearly in my first 6 months in Poland - almost all the great parties I have been to started or ended up here ;))) Great music, good prices, comfortable seatings ;) And it is split between smokers and non-smokers area :)

But let us get to the agenda :) We went to the Main Square and my awesome fiancee said we should have a seat and drink something cool :) So we went to our fav place in Sukienicce: "Kawiarnia Noworolskiego w Sukiennicach" :) You can find them on FB HERE :p or on their site ;)

The hours are...

Unfortunately this time the shaker was broken :( so I had to settle myself for a Mango juice. Cozi had a Virgin Mojito and my fiancee won the race with a nescafe with chocolate and whipped cream and 3 scoops of icecream... He was indeed satisfied ;)

Et Voila! A picture of the entrance of the Coffee Shop (btw you can also eat here if you want, but I never tried so I cannot recommend, but everything I drank here was just right ;)  trust me!) and a directed selfie with my awesome St. Mary Church in the background ;)

Nope :p this is not me doing a facepalm!!!

And here we are, just the two of us and our friend Adam M. in the back ;) He's our homie ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Yours truly,
The SunKissed LadyBug

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