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Friday, 2 August 2013

Lady in... Green ;)))

Dear friends,

As it is so hot outside I will present you another outfit I really feel good in :) The pictures are taken in the beginning of June, in a lovely Sunday afternoon :) We went for a casual walk and I felt really like a LadyBug sitting with my fiancee in the park, basking in the sun.

Shame on me for misbehaving! (but it was the second warmest day this summer... 29 degrees is too much especially after a lot of rainy days...)

Green - Yellow Summer Arrangement:D (meaning yellow weird sticks in front of the National Museum + crazy me :P)

I know you might not see it properly but the brooch I am wearing is Made by Miss Souris - handmade item from Romania, given by my awesome friend JoAnne :)

The blouse is from Klimex and I love it dearly... I can breathe so easily in it and you can barely feel it! Another present from my awesome sister ;)

Anyway... while writing the post I reminded myself that I actually have a picture of the awesome brooch - I took it the day I received it :) when I went with my fiancee and JoAnne for the traditional lemonade and macaroon at Tuffli 

A cupcake brooch is always good for you ;)

Yours truly,

LadyBug :)

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