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Friday, 23 August 2013

Learn About The Human Body

Dear friends,

You need to go see "The Human Body Expo" :) I know it is touring around the world and it stopped for the longest time right here in Krakow (lucky us!) but you MUST catch it. I went to see it in April this year, with some of my new work colleagues and I must admit I was quite impressed.

The publicity in Krakow around the event is quite huge and each weekend we went to the city center we received flyers from multiple people dispersed around the city center and Kazimierz area. Also magazines and papers host ads on the topic + there are huge billboards and posters spread through the city (not only the center and the most populated areas) + there is a huge WOM on the area...

I must urge you to go and check this Expo out. Especially the ones who are interested in the Human Body. I wanted to work in Genetics but in order to specialize you need to study 1000 of other things that you will not use - I was not afraid of that! I was though afraid of blood... Let me face the truth: blood makes me weak and makes me want to faint... it is a struggle even to give the occasional blood for the regular tests that I do each year... so... Medical Studies went out of question, although to this day I love Genetics.

Well... story laid aside it is fascinating to see real human bodies exposed like that. Imagine that real people agreed to be exposed like that in front of people all over the world. Way to go! Well do not worry, when they will no longer be able to expose the bodies, they will be cremated ;) All good - got that covered!

Here is what they say on their site:

"All of the specimens in The Human Body Exhibition are legally donated through an organized government process and designated to be used only for education purposes in public exhibitions and institutions of higher learning. The individual identities and ages are unknown. All have died of natural causes. This Exhibition is dedicated to treating these specimens with the utmost dignity and respect. When no longer used for education, they will be cremated. "

Do not worry if you are with kids you can still visit it and you can even suggest a school field trip there ;) I believe that it is very educational as the children would see the human body not on a book - in pictures - but in real life.

"The full body specimens in The Human Body Exhibition are posed specifically to illustrate their physiological features and how they function during common activities. In the Muscular Gallery, for example, you will notice the intricacies of how your body works while playing sports.

Each of the nine galleries in The Human Body Exhibition focuses on a specific system of the body, starting with your Skeletal System, progressing through Muscular, Nervous, Circulatory, Digestive, Reproductive and Urinary, and ending with a look at the human body of the future. There is also an optional gallery highlighting the chronological development of embryos to fetuses. You move through the Exhibition on an unforgettable walking journey of your own body. 

The Human Body Exhibition features over 200 full body and individual organs from each system of the body.  

Plastination is a scientific process that has been developed and refined over the past 30 years. This innovative technique permanently preserves human tissue using liquid silicone rubber, halting the natural process of decay and allowing these specimens to be studied for an indefinite period of time. 

Skilled, experienced anatomists first treat each specimen with chemicals to stop further decay. Then they carefully dissect it to highlight a specific system or organ of the body. Next, all of the water is removed from the specimen and replaced with acetone. Placing the specimen in a liquid silicone mixture, known as polymer, and then sealing it inside of a vacuum chamber allows the acetone to become a gas. The acetone gas is replaced with the polymer to a cellular level. The silicone polymer hardens and the result is a dry, odorless, permanently preserved specimen that doesn't contain any toxic chemicals.
Preparation time can take from one week for a small, individual organ to a full year for a whole body specimen."

I highly recommend you to visit all the galeries, including the one embrione room that will "blow your mind!" be prepared to see the human body in its early stages - from a few days old till a full grown baby taken out of the mothers wom, stillborn... (Not good for the weak hearted, though! I did not fall under that cathegory so I spent most of the Expo time there and in the Nervous (you get to see the brain!!!) and the Circulatory Room (you get to see the circulatory system in the hand, in the heart area and the lungs... just the blood vesels... AMAZING!!!)...

You can buy the tickets online via or you can buy them at the place ;)
Individual ticket Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Adults 50 zł 60 zł
Students / Seniors over 65 years 40 zł 50 zł
Children (6-15 years) 35 zł 40 zł
Family ticket (2 adults and 3 children) 125 zł 145 zł
People with disabilities 35 zł 40 zł
Group tickets

School - a minimum of 10 participants
(Teacher free)
30 zł 40 zł
Adults - a minimum of 10 participants 40 zł 50 zł
To ensure a pleasant visit in the exhibition, please pre-book a tour time. All organized groups booking in advance are entitled to a discount.


Monday - Sunday 9 am - 7 pm
Last admission at 6:30 pm


  1. There is no photo-taking and video-recording inside the exhibition.
  2. Visitors are obliged to leave their outer clothing, handbags (maximum 20x20 cm), rucksacks and other luggage in a cloakroom.
  3. Food and drink are not permitted inside the exhibition.
  4. There is no smoking policy inside the exhibition.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the exhibition area.
  6. Strollers are not permitted inside the exhibition (Visitors can leave it at security place).
  7. Visitors under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances will not be permitted in the exhibition.
  8. Children under 10 must by accompanied by an adult.
  9. All exhibition rooms are monitored by the security camera system. By purchasing an admission ticket, visitors automatically agree with monitoring system. Video recording falls within a Protection of personal data.
  10. Organizers reserve the right to intervene and/or remove any visitor who refuses to comply with the exhibition rules and regulations. Compensation for a ticket is not required.


Monday - Sunday 9 am - 7 pm
Last admission at 6:30 pm

DO GO! :) I urge you to go! You will not regret it ;) And you still have time as it will be there until November so grab your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancee, brother/sister, colleague... cat?! and go there and have a blast of information about your body! It is well worth it!

** Dear Friends, I was not payed for this review but I did it with all my heart as I loved the Expo and I believe everyone should see it!**

The LadyBug :)

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