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Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Lady Is Here! :)

Dear friends :)

I am happy! My good friend came to visit me for 2 whole weeks! Yeeeeeeeeeey :)
She managed to enter Krakow early in the morning on the 2nd and got to my place around 6 in the morning. After a short refreshing shower and a small breakfast we went off like 2 zombies to the Main Market Square so I may show Cozi (my lovely friend) the awesome Krakow. One more time I am a city guide, and I am loving it!

As we went so early we found Sukienicce just opening its small shops and we managed to make a picture inside without 1000 people around you and blocking you - SCORED!!! and also next to Wawel there is this next statue of one of the Polish Kings and we took turns in taking pics of it :)

I could not let Cozi escape the chance to take pics with Tim Roth (awesome actor that I loved in "Lie to me" and "Rob Roy" - even though he was the evil character) and Luc Besson.

Then we walked further on next to Wawel and Vistula until the "Lovers Bridge" where Cozi found a funny lock with "Is it legal"? Dunno :p but the locks look good on the bridge :p

Then we had some orange/grapefruit juice in Kazimierz so we would hydrate ourself :) and we went further on to my fav museum ever: "Schindlers Factory" :)

Again remembering the "Warsaw Uprising" (silence inserted here...)

And then the day was fulfilled by having a late lunch at "Pod Wawelem" :) where we had a pint of fresh and cold beer (polish, of course!) and Cozi had a potatoe pancake with mushroom sauce and beef and 2 types of salad on the side and I had schnitzel with lemon and french fries :) We recharged our batteries and we had a lovely walk home (and of course some dessert - icecream (watermelon and lemon) that we have no pics of as we ate it fast as it was awesome!!!)

Will be back with more pics of the next day :p
**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Yours truly,
The Happy LadyBug :)

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