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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Lazy Sunday

Dear friends,

Even though this Sunday I could not be with my mother for her birthday I could not help of thinking of her the whole day... thank God I have my awesome fiancee next to me! I know not how depressed I would be without him by my side. Tell you the truth he helps me all the time and brightens up my day. Saturday I was bearly moving and actually I did not feel it was Saturday but somehow the day passed and I must admit that we managed to get a walk up to Galeria Krakowska where I bought new sports shoes for the fall - I was mixed up between a pair of Nike/Puma/Reebok but Reebok won!... Thank God for Sunday! I love Sunday's even though they are so close to Monday :p

Sunday we managed to be lively and we actually had quite a proper walk and really nice weather (a bit windy though, and you could feel that Autumn is creeping slowly in) - there were over 27 degrees Celsius. We went for a walk in the Krakow Planty and then we headed on for a small stop in KFC as we were hungry (ok! ok! I admit! It was my fault!) and I really wanted to take some pictures from above of Florianksa - unfortunately I could not open the windows so I had to settle for some other views - the 2 above were taken through the glass and I must say they are pretty decent ;) People around us might have looked funny at us - I joked with my fiancee that I was doing these pictures so we could organise a heist/burglary :)))

Then we headed on to the Main Square were there was a traditional market - as always :) And we had a bit of fun around, wondering through the crowd - I always like that :)

I seriously have no idea what they were celebrating but it was a whole lot of fun and I always like traditional costumes and handmade goodies :)

So here we were - acting again as tourists :p always a great deal of fun ;) try to be a tourist in your own country/city and you will see what I speak of. Plus we figured out that the number of tourists has begun to lower as Autumn is coming - still we have crowds of people but I managed to get this shot above much more easy than the last times ;)

Funny ad on the car, huh?! :p I love the goose :) Quite cute! Made me look at the car for several minutes, so... mission accomplished, my friends!

Look who was not paying attention on how to park! ;p

A bit of architecture from Krakow :) Small details of MY Krakow :) The Krakow I love :)

I must admit that we did have fun this Sunday :) Just see me jump there :))) My fiancee was awesome enough to take the shots above - he was gentle and patient as I am such a critic when it comes to pictures! and I rather like portrait style than landscape... but he managed awesomely! :)

More of awesome Wawel Castle walls :) Just imagine this place a few hundred years ago...

Today - to my shame! - was the first time I actually saw the small dragons upon the walls! :)

Et voila! Me and my fiancee as true tourists! Just see him check out that map like he NEVER saw it before! :)))) What is that?! Where should we go next?! The options... the decisions... ah!

Lovely view of Vistula from the Wawel Castle :)

And of course no weekend is complete without a stop at Bona - Ksiazka i kawa :) Our fav coffee shop/bookstore with awesome American Coffee and Fresh Grapefruit juice that tastes just perfect!

I just LOVED the flowers we had on the table this time :)

Et voila! C'est moi! Happily smiling to my fiancee :*

And last but not least the specific smoking/smoker pictures of my fiancee's hands and his cigarette :) I think that lately I am fascinated by the ashtrays and the lighted cigarettes and theirs color and the smoke - in an artistic way, of course, I would NEVER smoke! and I will NEVER encourage anyone to smoke! That is bad! Definetely no-no :)

To fulfil the beautiful Sunday day we also watched the last part of The Lord OF The Rings :) I cannot recall how many times I have seen it and sincerly speaking I think I will never tire of it - and I am glad my fiancee feels the same. No! We are not geeks :p

Yours truly,
The LadyBug

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