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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Patriotic And Musical

Dearest friends,

I must admit I always loved tatoos but I will never do one on myself.The picture below is quite an old one - one of the first one that I have with my fiancee. It was done in March 2012 by our friend (an a very good photographer) Piotr Cichocki. You can see a part of my fiancee's tatoo, which is quite an unique and awesomely designed one ;) The tatoo is the motto of the Polish Hussars (in latin language): "Amore Patriae, Nostra Lex" and it is split in half so each side of the next has half a quote. The style is beautiful and the letters have leafs surrounding them... heh! trust my word, it is gorgeous!

The Artist who worked on it is a Polish Lady named Ania :) You can find here HERE or on FB HERE. Or you can just come to Krakow and have a meeting with her on Grodzka street, where her saloon is located ;) Everyone who has done tatoos there has only pretty words about her work.

P.S. Not to mention that my fiancee would like to do a couple more and she is his choice ;)

As you well know, my friend is visiting me for 2 weeks and she always wanted a tatoo - and to tell you the truth, the guys/gals who are tatoo artists in Romania are not THAT good as the Polish ones ;) So... there we have it: an unique and musical tatoo that lookes amazing on my friends legs <3
I am actually really proud of the result as it was a little bit of my doing too...

The main idea of the tatoo was to do something like a garter, on both legs. The first idea was not that appealing as after a research we saw that all the ladies had that so we kept the idea of the location (back of the legs, positioned as a garter) and the size and we decided to do something unique that would suite my friend. She loved the idea of a heart made out of musical symbols and from there on we figured that the garter should be a piece of music...

Finally we ended up on the bed, with me searching for things on the internet and drawing the idea of the tattoo on my friends legs, to make sure if that is what she wanted and if she was comfortable with the idea :) that indeed was fun. I took pictures and she agreed so I drew the sketch for the Tattoo Artist and... there we are now!

I am glad she is happy with the tattoo as she always wanted it and it is delicate and feminine :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Yours truly,
The Wicked LadyBug :p

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