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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Performance Improwizacja - WOW!!!

Dear friends,

On the 16th of June - later year... I know... Another blast from the past! ;) - I had the chance to go with my friend/flatmate to an awesomely fresh performance of the "Hurtownia Ruchu" Group :) The group creates art by dancing freestyle in unlikely places and on unprecedented music. I would love to make you understand how great they were but I am afraid that even the pictures will not be able to show that... somehow the style reminded me at the beginning of parkour :)

Me and my friend were invited to a dance show somewhere near Main Square - somewhere on Loretańska... Of course I love art and dance and I always wanted to see my friend dance, so I checked my schedule and I booked for one of the dates available. There were no tickets given and no payment done; each group consisted of maximum 15 people (as we were told the venue could not hold more). I expected seeing a stage in a small room, where the group would perform the dance... but NO! It was a shock from beginning to end!

Of course, as we were going through the Main Square I felt the urge to buy my friend flowers :) That is what you do at a performance ;) So I bought her this cute little nosegay :)

When we got at the place - even though the performance was quite late... - we waited and our wait was rewarded with a great show :) We had to enter an old block of flats, with wooden stairway and squeaky floors (but very romantic ;) ) and were ushered to the 1st floor, to one of the flats... The doors were open and we all were invited to come in and keep quiet during the WHOLE show :o

In the entree we squeezed into eachother and... SURPRISE! The show started... The whole place was stripped out and there was no furniture, no anything! Just the Bathroom was pretty much good looking :)
It was a 3 room apartment with wooden floors and white walls (well... most of them were white :p). One room we never entered as it was the place where they put their clothes - wardrobe... and cello case... for example :)

They started dancing between ourselves, on eachother, with weird and yet gracious movements... when they would "fill up" the whole space of the entree they moved into the room on the right side, which was the bathroom. We were not invited in but we could see them doing parkour movements in a very small place...

The ability of this guy's movements was amazing (the guy in yellow shirt and blue pants)... He was waving himself in the movement of the air coming from the small hairdrier that the lady was holding and moving accordingly :) Of course that was not all... they filled the whole space with movement: shower - bathtub - toilet - sink... YOU name it!

When we finished they closed the door behind them and us and we moved to the next room - the biggest room. It looked like a living room - kitchen area, with the wall being cut down in order to have more space... From time to time the movement looked like parkour, sometimes like ballet, sometimes like weightlifting...

In the picture above you can see my friend performing... it was quite like modern ballet in two... but while they were moving they were also scribbling with colored chalk on the wall... random words/lines according to how their body would move...Somehow it looked like their hands were following eachother without ever touching... forever together yet apart... :)

This picture is one of my fav ones that I took during the show :) While they were standing like that (before they started their ballet on 2) they somehow reminded myself of a picture I like from Salvador Dali. You can find the picture HERE :)

The lady you can see here never talked but she instructed us on our way through the rooms and she seated us and silenced us with a look or with a small movement. She also danced during the show and I must admit she was brilliant! Later on I found out that she DID ballet - you can definitely see that in her movements! She HAS grace!

The music was not standard... there was just the sound of the cello and the tapping of its stick on the body of the cello... quite weird but yet very impressive!

All my respects to the team... Until this day I have not seen such a performance and any day I will find out or I will be invited I will say: YES! With all my heart!!! :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Yours truly,

The LadyBug ;)

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