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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Red-Haired Lady :)

Dear friends,

As you know by know (or might have figured out...) I love art and I love sketching or drawing. It makes me calm and takes me in a different world - a world I can create and imagine.

After watching the movie about "Modigliani" I wanted to post one of his lovely works... unfortunately I could not make up my mind. Still my heart wanted to share with you something, hence I started looking at paintings - old and new - and I had a category of ones with red haired girls (as I so very much adore them ) and I had to choose this one to share with you :) ... I felt instantly "at home" with it...

This marvelous thing is done by Danny Roberts and I think it is his greatest :)

I tried also to do my version of the lovely red-haired lady... of course it was not even 1% as beautiful as Danny's but I gave it with all my heart to a dear friend of mine, for her birthday :)

This was done in November 2011 in oil and with leaves I personally collected from Krakow Planty :)

Hope you enjoyed it just a little bit at least :)

The LadyBug

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