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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Remembering Away Day Poland 2012 :)

Dear friends,

Being part of a corporation has its benefits :) One of those benefits is AWAY DAY :) Each year the whole project/team that you are part of spends 1-2 days off in the weekend somewhere outside of Krakow trying to bond more, have fun, relax or - let us face it! - just get wasted... well... I guess it is more or less everyman/woman for himself/herself.

I must admit I quite enjoyed the AWAY DAY last year. Last year I was part of a different project that was hosted both in Romania and Poland so I got to join in 2 AWAY DAY Events :) Both were at the mountains and I had a lot of fun! Both events were 2 days and 1 night :) but I must say I enjoyed Poland more :p as I got to more of the Polish mountains and I got to climb even on Gora Zar :) and to meet my current Team Leader (that at that time was a first line agent :)... curious things God had in plan!)

So.... I must admit I had a lot of fun and it was a great time :) The hosting place was... very communistic and not very welcoming to sleep in, but we managed it nevertheless :)

Here are some of my pictures from the AWAY DAY Poland 2012 :)

Nope :) I am NOT showing you  the way to the Niagara Falls :p

Portret done my my friend Oana :)

The fun-packed-group :) 

Contemplation on the shore...

Flying high...

 Romanian flag colors... by mistake :)

Beautiful sunset :) Look at all those colors <3

How about a souvenir?! :)

And after admiring the planes we started the climb! Actualy my fiancee would be the first one if it was not for me holding him down (blushing...) but we managed to agree that he will go ahead and I will follow with the girls. After 30 min of waiting on the top he though that I quit ;))) but heck! I NEVER quit! muah hah ha! so when his hopes were up, he started to see me and I managed to get on the top :) and not the last one ;)

I forgot to mention that there was also a ski spot :)

And some kind of activity park that looked quite awesome!

Us... going up the mountain... dead tired! :/

Oh! But the view was TOTALLY worth it!

Of course on the top we found a group of people paragliding :) and I could not help myself into looking and having pictures :) So below you will see pictures of the preparing - launching - gliding (until he is out of sight) :) and you can even make a gif out of it :P

Me and my fiancee on top of the Mountain Zar :)

We were waiting for the right moment of launch... when the wind would be right :)

Spectators in the crowd :) me and my fiancee :p

And we are waiting... relaxed :p

And here we go!!! :)

Windmills - colorful windmills - for sale, on top of the Mountain Zar :)

A bit more planes when we reached the bottom of the mountain :)

And the road home :) Back to Krakow...

And a small stop by the office to get a better view of the hot sunset :)

And to see better the moon :)

But I must admit, even if this post is quite loooooooooooooooong... I must post one more picture that I did not do but I enjoy a lot! It was taken my Marcin and it was right after we reached the top, had a bit of fun around, and started descending :)

P.S. I must admit September is a good time for an Away Day ;) especially in the mountains as you get so many different colors...

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

With loads of love,

The LadyBug that managed to climb the Gora Zar even though her fiancee did not think she would make it :p

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