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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Remembering: How To Get To HELL

Dear friends,

I know this may be quite a hard topic for some of you but I must tell you I know how one can go to HELL!

(Oh! Dear me! You thought I meant Hell?! The great pit of fire? The place where the souls will burn in agony and despair? No! No! No! I meant the place where they do the drink! Oh! What do you mean which drink?! Why "Hell", of course!)

I can see you need to be taught about this so I shall tell you more about this evil drink ;)

Here is what they say on their "About Us" part of the site:

Hell Energy is a young successful member of the only-two-decade old on the other hand dynamically developing energy drink scene and market. Hell is also one of the most vigorously evolving FMCG brands, which is proven by its short road to success and exploding export markets. The brand was born in 2006, became the market leader in Hungary and a dominant competitor in the International markets within three years. The brand being top choice of consumers in several markets is now available in 28 countries worldwide. The secret to Hell Energy’s lies in exceptional quality, the brand’s perfect price/value ratio and wide availability, (we aim to achieve a 70% distribution in every country) the international marketing communications background and at last but not least the brand’s positioning as per the consumer needs.

The slogan, “Gives you power like Hell” lines up all the values enabling the consumers to overcome their daily challenges and even escorts them to the worlds of sport and entertainment.

Well... what can I say :) each time I pass through Hungary and I see HELL I think how funny it is to have on a map or a road-sign. Or even having a casual conversation with someone from that region:
"-Excuse me sir, please tell me, which one is the road to HELL?
-Oh, well that is fairly easy sir, just take the right and keep it straight and you should see it! ;)
-Ah! That is great! Thank you so much, I could have got lost without you!"
Hey! It is always good to give a helping hand! Especially if your GPS fails to show you the way to HELL ;)

P.S. You can have pictures with HELL in Hungary and parade that you have seen the gates to HELL ;)
My pictures were taken during a trip home in July 2012 :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the possibility of taking pictures with HELL!**  

Cheers lads/lasses :*
The Amusing LadyBug

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