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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Six Things About Me You Cannot Live Without

Dear honey doves,

Today I was reading Selena's awesome blog and she wrote this cute post "Six things you should know" :) And for a while know I have been seeing these types of posts and I wanted to make one. Well... she made me do it! I blame it totally on her :) In a good way, that is, as she - as an expat - is quite an inspiration!

So here we are, from the 9 questions she posted I selected the below ones:

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up? How did that work out?   Well, weirdly enough when I was small I wanted to be an accountant like my Grandfather, so I would "play" with numbers and make money enough to take care of my grandparents and my parents and sister :) You could say I was a very conscious girl... I ended up finishing the High School of Economics, Business Administration and Law and further on I joined the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. About that time I figured out that being an accountant would be a desk job and even though it would bring a lot of money I would not be able to have people around me - and let us face it! I am a people person 100%! That is why I got to switch specialties and went to Marketing :)
  2.  What is your favorite comport dish to prepare? I must say that would be my specialty: Liver with onion and "mamaliga" ;) which is a traditional Romanian dish I learned how to prepare by looking at my Granny and Mum :)
  3. What is the biggest challenge that you have overcome? Well, I think that would be coming to Poland, trying to learn the language (after 2 years I manage to understand the main things people around me speak of, and I am proud of it! as I never took any language lessons) and becoming the fiancee of a Polish Hard Core Human :* He is now my best friend and best man I ever met!
  4. If you were a super hero, what would your super here powers be? That is a good question... most of the superheroes I would like to be are males... Like Thor (who doesn't like Thor?! come on! I need a hammer like that! And the stature and the blonde here - handsome looking but yet from another world!) or Iron Man - BTW!!! I need to say that Iron Man comes first as he is a real superhero with no supernatural powers. He is an intelligent human being that knows how to use the elements and science and knock them down and drag them on his side :) He is my man! When it comes to ladies it is hard to say... I quite like Cat Woman but she is so lonely like and she falls into the style of Miss Havisham madness... but I quite enjoy Storm from the X-Men Series ;) I think I would like that... to be able to change the weather according to my mood :) But that would be a catastrophe as I am very moody and then people would have just 2 types of weather: either very hot or very cold, so that is a no! no!
  5. What are you most afraid of? Sincerely try not to be afraid as being afraid is a weakness and I was tought not to show weaknesses - I am quite bad at that! What I can say that if I have a weakness I try to overcome it. My idea always is to always push ones limits as this is how you will know yourself more! And we all know that life starts at the end of your comfort zone ;)
  6. What is the best gift you ever received? That is simple as this: THE GIFT OF LIFE :) And I think we should all thank our mothers for this ;) Why not call your Mum now? :) Go on!

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