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Sunday, 18 August 2013

SugarHigh State Of Being

Dear friends,

Today we shall talk about some sweets that I love :) Fear not! I shall try not to make your mouth water as I shall present you the cupcakes and the muffins - as I am fan of both, but as you will know from now on (in case you did not before) they are completely different although sometimes they may look alike and they may even try to fool you :) As they are wicked little cupcakes and funny little muffins :)

The 2 small sweets differ in the way and order the ingredients are combined.

Muffins are dense, more like batter bread. If you cut shortening into flour and baking powder, you have the beginnings of biscuits. Only add sugar and little milk, egg and then you have muffins. Check the Bisquick box. Same basic dry ingredients, you just differ in amount of sugar, liquid and then add eggs. You can flavor them multitudes of em plain or ice them with a drizzle, or put fruits on them.

Here you have a photo of BlueBerry muffins - actually BlueBerry muffins are my all time fav and especially with some hot choco on the side or some fresh cold yoghurt <3

Cupcakes are light, cake batter or cake mix is very different in the way its ingredients are added together. Shortening is creamed with sugar and eggs, then you add dry ingredients.

Both are made in the cupcake pan, because it is an easy way to have size and portion control, and quick baking time.

This picture is of some rainbow cupcakes made by Story Of A Kitchen :)

Oh! but sincerely I must say that I rather prefer cupcakes recently. Muffins seem very realistic and human, yet the cupcakes always seem so fairy like and they always seem so unreal... like fairytales! The shape and the colors and the frosting and the taste... is so heavenly!

Here you can see a picture of an awesome cupcake I received as a gift from one of my friends :) It was delicious and it was with fruit filling and with an awesomely sweet crust.

What can I say... Cupcakes and Muffins are both just... Heaven! :)

Yours truly,

With loads of love - LadyBug

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