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Monday, 19 August 2013

The Last Day Of Summer

Dear friends,

We though we would have a lazy Sunday but... here I am... again posting pictures of us going out with people we love :) This time our "daughter" (no. she is not really my daughter! what were you thinking?! ;p I am not that old :p) took us out for an ice cream as according to her real mum Sunday was "the last day of summer" for this year and we should make the most of it! so clearly that means that some ice cream was in order! We met in the late afternoon - after 4 PM - but the weather was still hotter then ever so the cold treat was just the right thing!

So after stopping on Sławkowskato get some Italian Gelato we went to the Krakow Planty to slouch on the bench and enjoy the view while digging into the treat :) I had the Ananas (Pineapple) with Cream and Forest Fruits and my fiancee had Ananas and Mint and Kasia had some Strawberries with... oh dear! I forgot the other one...

We had after that a nice stroll to (and through) the Wawel Castle and we walked further on along the Vistula and we stopped for a break under the Most Grunwaldzki where we stayed for a longer while watching the boats filled with tourists and children and checking the balloon on the other bank :)

I must admit I had a really nice time and we had loads of fun under the bridge ;))) The subjects shall not be commented or discussed ;) let us just say that it was history and literature and movies ;)))) (with a twist!)

And here you can see the new type of advertising for this summer... Quite degrading to be a lunch box, though! Don't you think?! Anyway... we had a nice view of the up-down-up bouncing of the balloon ;)

And we also had some nice Strawberry Cider <3 with the courtesy of Kasia :*

Yours truly,
The SunKissedLadyBug :)

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