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Monday, 5 August 2013

Travelling Style(less) :/

Dear friends,

Sometimes traveling can be quite a pain in the arse especially if you do not have the right connections on a long road... and the trip from Iasi to Krakow can surely be counted for a long road... at least 1000 km to go...

The options in this case are:
1. plane trip Iasi - Vienna - Krakow with the expensive Austrian Airlines;
2. plane trip Bucharest - Warsaw - Krakow with LOT Polish Airlines and train or bus to Bucharest airport;
3. bus ride Cluj - Budapest - Krakow with OrangeWays ;) and train or bus to Cluj.

Of course the option of train... the railway system... make me have shivers up and down my spinal cord... The CFR - Romanian Railway System is old and even though it used to be the most reliable and safe and good transportation method in the Golden Era of Communism... now it is dirty and stinky and full of weird people... of course! it takes you in time to the place you want but it takes ages/forever to get you there... Not to mention that you would not like to drink any liquids or eat anything to avoid going to the toilet... unsanitary is an understatement... and you have to be a true gymnast and possess true equilibrium in order to go there and relieve yourself... it takes movements of a true Nadia Comaneci in order to succeed!

Anyway... early this year - in January - I went home and I had to get the train from Iasi to Cluj... it is quite an adventure to do this on your own, while handling 2 large bags (try to travel as light as you can... succeed... and then see that your mum brings a lot of goodies that you will eventually take with you ;) ... ). The trip began ok with just me in the compartment and a young teenager with her cute cat. We were in the 3rd compartment and the lovely kitten was "The Guardian of Chamber 3" :p It quite sound a bit Harry Potter(ish)... don't you think?! :)

Unfortunately  not all the trip was that fun...

This guy was one of my travel companions for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time... he had this old bloody computer and this wickedly-totally-not-functional-pair-of-headsets... and worst of all he was listening to manele!!!... what can I say... I just wanted to jump off the train and just go home back again...

Anyway... traveling with the railways system is a whole lot of fun :/
**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Yours truthful,

LadyBug ;)

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