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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Warm Tea For A Cold Kitty

Dear friends,

It looks like summertime is slowly but definitely going away and leaving its place to Autumn. I am not complaining as I love autumn, especially when it is warm and not raining :) and you have all these colors - the trees and their leafs are just like a symphony... I was born in Autumn so I am always waiting for it with arms wide open. I do not mind the rain either when I am inside the house and reading a book or playing a game... I do not mind it not even when I am outside and from time to time I have this feeling like in the song "Singing in the Rain"... But I hate it and I am mad on myself when I am not prepared for the rain and I get wet...

Tuesday it rained first time this week and I was all summer dressed - very light - when the shower started... thank God I was at work! Unfortunately it did not stop and I had to manage to get back home (30 min of walking) with a small umbrella - I have all the time a "security umbrella" that I carry with me at all times! Still the shower was so hard that when I got home I was soaking wet... Same thing happened yesterday, but thankfully enough I outsmarted the rain (just a bit...) and went for the larger umbrella so all I got was a cold :) SCORED!!! What can I say...

After such a harsh treatment from the rain I just wanted to cuddle up in a blanket and sleep like a baby, but as always my fiancee helped a lot and each time I got home he would do a hot mint tea (my favourite!) and I would just stay in the big warm chair and drink it, while browsing the Internet. That is how I would slowly come back to the normal temperature and be functional while my awesome fiancee would cook one of his awesome dinners/suppers <3 I love him, what can I do?! Plus I feel very British sitting and drinking my cup of tea :) It is after 5 PM but you will excuse me for being late, right?!

Yesterday we also had guests :) Unexpected and lovely nonetheless :) Kinga is an old good friend and unfortunately I do not get to see her as often as I would like and as often as we would meet before she left Krakow. She is a jolly lass and I love her a whole bunch :) So she and my fiancee made my day!

P.S. In case you did not know this, Poland (Warsaw Football Team) played with Romania (Steaua Bucharest) - football game - and there was a tie! 1-1 (Romanian Team scored the first goal in the first half of the game and they were quite dominating the field). This game was in Bucharest and the next one will be in Warsaw - next week, I think :)

Cheers everyone! And if you are in Krakow, don't forget to carry an umbrella with you from now on! I think the weather is changing and rain is coming our way! (Do not get tricked by today's bit of sun! Beware!)

Hugs and kisses,
The LadyBug

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