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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Women's Army

Dear friends,

Funny stuff happens when I begin writing a post... I wanted to do a post on pin up girls for a easy and fun and colorful Saturday afternoon but you will see the post will turn in fact more serious and a bit out of that topic... My mistake! I got sidetracked!

Last night I was browsing through old songs and I also end up watching some Christina Aguilera old videos - no biggie! but of course I HAD to play "Candyman"... and from one play I could not stop pressing the repeat button and I imediately thought of the pin up girls and from there on my mind wondered about Second World War and about the women back home and how they helped.

The color in the "Candyman"  video is just perfect for that age, the hairdo's are fitting, the costumes are perfect down to every detail and the background is just out of the box when it comes to the 1940's. I love the fact that we have a 3in1 Christina with red/yellow/black hair and different hairdo's :) Also I just love the cigar/smoke lady with the tary and the hidden "Campari" ad ;) good one! I had to watch the video multiple times so see that right :p

Just look here! A part of the video is at a dinner place with twirling chairs on which 5 young fine ladies are dancing and sipping on some milkshake :) Of course CA is in the middle and she is dancing her arse off, while displaying one of the poses most know in the history of women ads for Second World War (I will point you to the picture later on, no worries, in case you still did not figure what pose I speak of - sham on you though!)

Here is the hidden "Campari" ad - did you see it the first time or after how much time?! I quite feel ashamed that it took me THAT much :S

Does this look familiar?!

Anyway now let me show you what I was speaking of - I will put both original and CA together ;)

 See! I helped you! Muah hah ha! Evil me :) How do I see things like that? :p

Fun aside, When I remembered about this poster I started to look for old posters from the Second World War regarding Women's Army and how women helped during the war. Here are a few of my fav ones - sorry if they are so small and poor quality, I could not find a better version of them :S but check them out and Google for more if you are interested :) there are quite a lot of them, including brochures and pamflets that you can read and see how women during Second World War could have helped. Also due to the fact that men were scarce as they were at war, they had to do the things that men used to do, in order to keep the country running smoothly - the ads I will post are mainlyAmerican ;)

During World War II, women were a valuable necessity in American society. The country could not produce the necessary goods or operate without the effort and support of the American women. In 1920, only 20percent of the labor force was women. In 1945, women accounted for 36 percent of the labor force. At the end of World War II, "six million women had entered the labor force for the first time." For one shining instance in history, women were equal to their male counterparts.

God! Look at this! Why is she THAT happy?!

Say WHAT?! WHAT did I just read?!
 Sad enough after the end of the Second World War they had ads and programs to integrate the women back to being housewifes...

Eh! Sure! Why not?! The Harder a wife works, the cuter she looks! DOH! So THAT is what I need to do! Stop reading and thinking and just go wash some dishes and cook some muffins. Sure! I am on my way - see me go...

Yours truly,
The LadyBug

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