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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

3 Months Off

Dear friends,

Here comes 2 with another challenge :)
If I would have 3 months OFF, 3 months away from my life now, what would I do and where would I go? Oh! I would certainly go traveling with my fiancee :) and I know just the place right enough for the both of us - a place that both of us would enjoy imensly: New Zealand!
via 100% New Zealand Home Page
Come on!
Who wouldn't like to spend some time where one of the most awesome and epic movies was filmed?! Hey! We are talking about "The Lord Of The Rings" here! And now also "The Hobbit"! How cool is that?! Long live Tolkien and his truly legendary talent in building up characters and stories and another language from scratch! He was trully blessed by God with this talent!

Why New Zealand?! Well... letting off the awesome LOTR story aside, it is such a wonderful place (except the earthquakes...) and you could totally see yourself being one with nature - no matter how hectic and crazy and workahoolic one usually would be, I feel people could cut off and live a normal life there... The place is not that much inhabited and you can get to explore natural places, untouched by human hand :) Not to mention that NZ has the mixture of landscapes that everyone would agree with: seascape, forests, mountains, national parks and lots and lots of wildlife...

 New Zealanders are known to be friendly, polite and welcoming to tourists and their main language is English language so one would not have any issues in communicating :)
via Virtual Oceania
But let us come back to the main issue: me and my awesome fiancee are huge fans of LOTR and the landscapes presented in the movies - the trilogy was filmed entirely in New Zealand.

LOTR actors talk about New Zealand:
Elijah Wood who played Frodo said, "New Zealand is Middle Earth. It has every geological formation and geographical landscape you can imagine, and some you can't."
Sean Astin who played Sam the hobbit said "I recall sitting in Queenstown against the mountain range aptly titled the Remarkables and feeling I was actually living the books. It was like Tolkien had walked across New Zealand."
Billy Boyd who played Pippin the hobbit said,he was changed by New Zealand and gave this quote: "The way the people seem to understand the land better; they enjoy it without destroying it".

Let us face it... just the image at the beginning with The Shire - with Hobbiton - with the small hills and the little houses inside the earth just make you run out there and have a place like that... round doors, nice graden in front of the house and such... And do not even get me started with the awesome scene in the last part of LOTR when Pippin is lighting the beacons (command from Gandalf) and you have a full view of incredible New Zealand...

So yes! If I would have the time and money I would spent 3 months traveling in NZ with my fiancee and while traveling I would re-read (for... eh! who counts it anymore!?) the wonderful trilogy written my the Master Tolkien! May he rest in peace!

Yours truly,
The LOTR Fan :) LadyBug

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