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Saturday, 14 September 2013

A City That Grows On You

Dear honey bun sugar plums,

I know that I am a bit lat with this post... OK, maybe "a bit" is not the right way to put it as the pictures I will present to you were taken more than a week ago. Last Friday, to be more precise! Last Friday we took a day off - both me and my awesome fiancee - so we would go to Warsaw for some paperwork for the wedding. Tell you the truth a international wedding is quite a pain. Even though both countries are part of the EU the amount of birocracy on both sides is amazing... But I will not speak of papers and money and taxes now as this is supposed to be a very happy post :p

We started our trip in the early morning around 1:30 am on Friday morning and we boarded into a Polski Bus and headed for Warsaw. We got there around 6:30 am and we headed  to take metro to the city center. Here you have the actual first 2 pictures I took in Warsaw :) That is the Palace of Culture and Science andit is the tallest building in Poland (here you are! A bit of trivia :p).

But I need to worn you lads and lasses that this post will be quite an extensive one, with loads and loads of pictures, so please sit tight and get a cup of coffee/tea and enjoy it ;)

We both just love the buildings in Warsaw. At every corner you find something interesting and I had to carry the camera out of the bag 99% of the time so I could catch a quick shot. Just look at that beautiful clock on that building. And IT WAS  WORKING perfectly fine!!! :)

Warsaw - during Second World War - was completely destroyed and had to be rebuild after 1945 so even though the buildings all seem old they are actually quite "young" - only redone after the old model to it would keep the spirit of the city alive ;)

You can just casually wandered between Central Station and Politehnika at first, as it was early morining. But it was a clear warm day and there were not a lot of persons around so the walk was just right. The Embassy was opening at 9 so we had to lose some time :)

So we roamed a bit more and we bumped into this cute church and right next to it was Charlotte! Remember the place where my fiancee and I ate creme brulee?! Well there are 2 Charlotte coffee/bar/bistro places in Poland: one in Krakow and one in Warsaw :) and we bumped into it by mistake!

Of course we stopped and had some coffee/tea and sweets but that is another story and more pictures and I will tell you about that tomorrow, so stay tuned!!! :p

After getting all warmed up by the coffee/tea we went exploring some more :) Of course you need to know that Warsaw has a lot of parks - be it small or large - and in each park (and also each region of the city) they have statues/memorials erected for the people who fought in the Second World War/in the Uprising.

P.S. I loved this entrance in a block of flats and how the lock was just hanging there... :)

And eventually we arrived safe and sound at the Romanian Embassy. It is placed on Chopin street and it is next to the Finland Embassy. The Area is full with all the Embassies you need and you can imagine - we went in front of each one and commented upon the architectural style and I must say that the Romanian Embassy is quite commie looking. Somehow it looked old and like it was there for centuries...

Then we got to see the buildings of the Senat/Parliament. I never saw them before anywhere and I thought they would be impressive but they looked like normal buildings, just hidden away from the eyes of the public. If it were not for the signs I think we would have missed it...

Next to the Senat started quite a few parks related to one another - really big and nice and sunny and with fountains and statues and bike paths and loads and loads of honorific monuments for the Second World War - I do love that! Keeping the memory of the people and places alive! And being proud! :)

So here we are... basking in the sun :) I am proud to say no photo was altered and I am very proud of my fiancee's photo I took :) The one just above mine (the one in my jump attemp :p).

This monument was quite an interesting one. It was erected in the memory of all the people who voluntarly went searching for the bombs/shells/mines left in Warsaw after the end of the war and they were killed while retrieving them...

That is something we should never forget - the heroes that noone speaks of...

I really like this building. Commie a bit but I would have a party there anytime!!! :)

And as I said, even more statues ;) This one was right next to the Senat :)

Oh! If only I knew how to ride one...

Oh! And look at these beauties! I know they are not healthy for the trees but I just had to take a picture of them :) 2 different trees in 2 different parks and 2 different types of mushrooms ;)

But we also had nice flowers to behold upon in the park ;) Warsaw does take care of its gardens and there were a lot of flowers in bloom :) I particulary liked this almost done rose and the bud that is starting to bloom :)

Weird Fountain in the park next to the Romanian Embassy...
The statue was of 2 children, each one holding an animal: one a turtle and one a crocodile and from both animals the water was coming out. My fiancee firmly believes there is a story behind that but we do not know it :) If you do, please do tell us ;)

This building made me remember somehow of Barcelona and Gaudi's style with the fish head balcony... you know... the House of Bones...

More interesting architecture in the city center :)

And here we are heading a bit to the Old City Center :) Here you have the guard changing every hour and by rotation all the types of officers are on guard :)

Below you can see one of the benches in the memory of Chopin. They are spread through the city center (old one) and if you press the button they will play a piece by Chopin ;) Also you have a map of Chopin related places in Warsaw and a bit of history ;)

Ain't that a cute car?! :)
Then and Now :)
My fiancee checking out the differences :)
Flowers and Adam M. statue :)

Et voila! we reached the Square and the City Old Center and we can see the Warsaw Stadium build for the Euro 2012 :) Pictures can be found below ;)

Pidgeons! Pidgeons everywhere!!!

As you can see the guard was just changed :)

Old Photos displayed in the park near the City Old Center :) Warsaw from Above :)

Small corners and shops that attracted our eye in Warsaw :)

And of course I could not end this post without the picture of us, together in Warsaw :) Checked! :p

The Lunch?! :p
Inside Polski Bus - last picture of Warsaw for now...
Hope you liked the pictures and the stories as tomorrow I shall post some pictures from 2 of the places we had a rest and a drink, while on our short Warsaw trip :) If you have any questions or comments regarding anything related to Warsaw/Embassies in Warsaw(especially Romanian one) and where you can spend time in Warsaw you can always come to me and I shall tell you what I know :)

**This post was made out of love for Warsaw. I never thought I would like this city so much but I had awesome experiences the both times I went there for a trip and I would come again at any time. I know that people from Krakow do not quite like Warsaw and people from Warsaw and that is how I used to think. But as much as I can I do try to keep my mind open and this place grew on me... I guess it grew on me like that mushroom on the tree (like the one in the pictures I posted...). The issue is I do not see Warsaw as a mushroom, as a parazite, but as a friend :) A friend I am glad I met!**

P.S.S. We had the bus back at around 5:30 pm so I believe it is amazing all the things achieved in one day! :)

Yours truly,
With Love To Warsaw - The LadyBug :*

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