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Friday, 20 September 2013

A Small Surprise From Today :D

Dear friends,

It seems indeed the postman always rings twice :)

I just received a lovely package from the "Etsy Poland Team" :) I entered one of their giveaways and I won my first polish handmade bracelet :) I got to choose between 3 really cute models and even though this one has a orange bracelet I rather love the symbol it holds: the puzzle piece :)

Why? Well... maybe I find Poland as piece of the puzzle that is my heart and it really speaks to me much more than the other 2 options I had, who were as cute as the one I just received! :) You can find the GiveAway HERE :) The bracelet is made by MageBraids and you can find her shop on Etsy HERE :)

So here is the inside of the package! :) I can hardly wait to wear it, it is so darn cute! Thank you again Etsy Poland Team and MageBraids :) I will be definetely check you out again ;))

Yours truly,
The Puzzled LadyBug :p

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