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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Autumn Is Here

Dear friends,

I think you already realised this and I know I am just stating the obvious here, but here I go: Autumn is here! I know, you will say that it is hot outside and that you can still wear dresses and ballerina shoes, but take a better look... The trees are changing colors and the weather is more windy and more rainy and when the chill comes it settles to your bones and crunches deep within...

These pictures were taken on the first day on Autumn :) On the 1st of September. It was a lovey warm and sunny day most of the time, though in the morning it was raining so hard we thought we would not get out of the house even though me and my fiancee had a meeting setup for 1 p.m. in Kazimierz. We do not get scared of rain but when we woke up it was raining so heavily that we were considering of calling in for the day and just stay indoor and cuddle.

 Thankfully enough someone up there loves me so the weather cleared and even though the day was: 1/3 rainy, 1/3 cloudy, 1/3 sunny and warm I can say that we had a fabulous day out with our friend :) Ewa and my fiancee wanted to go see The Human Body Expo - that I already saw this year, in April - and so we met with the plan that they will see the Expo and I will go to Galeria Kazimierz and wait for them to finish.

Me and my lovely fiancee took a long walk - over 4 km - to the meeting place and as we were early to the place we wondered around and I took some pictures of the StreetArt. These all can be found in Fabrika courtyard so go have a look yourself ;)

Also we found this fresh red guy bending so we tought we should join him and see if the pose in uncomfortable or not. My fiancee was willing enough to be the first one who tried ;) As you can see he is "an Englishman in Krakow" (as he likes to say) as he was the umbrella carrier ;)))

This is one of our fav StreetArt pieces from the area - there is a close up in one of the pictures below ;) so you are free to click and stare ;)

Et voila! I had to do it too ;)

Here is my awesome fiancee :) Ain't he dashing?! Even when he wears jeans and a sweater! :o

Here is the close-up on the masterpiece <3

The Human Body Expo entrance :)

Us and our fav piece - I am sorry for the photo... is the only selfie with us from that day but I just had to post it even though it is so blurry (I really have to keep stable when doing selfies and my fiancee intimidates me :p yes! I am blaming it on him! Why?! Because he is gorgeus, doh! And he get away with it ;) )

More nice and colorful art from the Fabrika :)

After the Expo my lovely friend and my awesome fiancee came to Galeria and then we went for a walk along Wisla and we headed for Kazimierz to get the awesome zapiekanka that you can find only there ;) People who tried it once never want to go to the regular one ;)

Weird pig statue on Wisla
Very cool door design in Kazimierz <3

My awesome half is on his way to the zapiekanka ;)

Mad and fluffy and maniac pidgeons can be found near the zapiekanka place always ;) DO NOT FEED THEM! Did you know that pidgeons are the only animals can eat senseless until they explode?! (Ask me not how I know that...)

And this is My Mad-Eye Moody :* With his matching zapiekanka - Mountain Style, of course ;)

I know it shows the 31st but it was already 1st September, you need to trust my word ;) I ain't drunk!

My friends - the crazy mice and rabbits spread all over Krakow :) Also the awesome clock from Wawel Station, right next to Pod Wawelem - you can see their trust just in the picture below ;)

Tired tourists in theirs own city :)

The awesome Cupcake break on Grodzka street :) Cupcakes that you can find only at the Cupcake Corner - the best ones in town ;) This one was Ewa's and it was with tasty blueberry cream - pieces of Heaven, I tell ya!

This is how the inside of the cupcake/shop looks like ;))) (see what I did there?!)

The newest way to show everyone you are getting married?!
My awesome sweet spot: Plac Szczepanski :)
The Lady (just look at her posture!!!)
Et voila! I had an awesome sweet Saturday last week. A chilled Saturday today. How about you?!

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)

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