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Sunday, 8 September 2013

DIY: Toasts With Figs

Dear friends,

I just at doing food and cooking - as you very well know by now... But ocasionally I do try and I indulge myself in creating small little tasty thingies. I would love to bake but at the moment we do not have an oven so I shall wait until we have our very own place.

So here is my very own receipe of toast with figs :) I adore figs in their natural way (not dried) since I went to Greece the first time when I finished 12th grade :) They are so yummy and tasty and sweet and crunchy at the same time :)

What you need to do first is do the toast (as dry as you like - I actually like them toasted just a tiny bit so they would be crunchy but not tough crunchy so I would leave a tooth in it :))) I am sensitive...). Then you need to butter the toasts while hot and add some honey on them - you can choose any type of honey you like ;)

Then what you need to do is break or cut the figs (depends on how messy you wanna get as they are really juicy if fresh ;) trust me!) and take spoon to scrape the contents off and place them delicately on the awesome butterly toasts :)

Et voila! The perfect snack just for you :) Enjoy it and tell me how yours went ;)

Extra photo of me being happy that we had homemade bread :)
And another extra with the figs :)
Have an awesome Sunday everyone ;) Relax and have fun as Monday is coming quickly! :*

Yours truly,
The Fig Fan LadyBug :)

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