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Thursday, 12 September 2013

How A Blog Can Change Your Life

Dear friends,

Here we are in yet another Blogtember day :) The topic today is this: "Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you."

Well... to tell you the truth, I was always interested in the social media and how it can affect people and I will dare say that it affected my life immensely especially since I started traveling and when I figured out I would like to a move in a different country. We cannot deny that THE ALMIGHTY INTERNET is not helpful in our day-to-day job. It enables smoother and quicker communication - though sometimes we communicate without content, just for the sake of communication... It also enables people to get to know each other and learn more about one another - though sometimes I would really need not see what my friend had for breakfast/lunch/dinner or that she just broke a nail... I guess it is all about figuring out of how we can take the things we want from the "pile of junk" :)

I started to blog a long while ago, on a different platform, somewhere in May 2007 and I stopped on the 1st of December 2011 - the year I moved into Poland... THIS was my blog... But this year, after a long deliberation with myself, I figured out I should try again. Feathers and Freckles was the blog that inspired me to write again and it is sad for me that the blog owner decided to close it :( I will surely miss it! I choose the same platform as she did and I started to think how my blog will look like and what I will write in it. I wanted to be a blog where I could post the pictures I would take (as I love making pictures!!!) and share with my friends the things I do and the things I see and the things I like :) To share the story of me and my awesome fiancee :) in a way outside of Facebook (where EVERY picture you post is no longer yours, but FB can do whatever they want with it - you lose its ownership!) yet affordable and practical for all my friends abroad - as I have friends on each continent and on the way of how my list of friends and colleagues is expanding, this was becoming a necessity :)

Since I "went live" on FB and recently since I re-started my blog, my friends do not need to call me/text me/email me on a daily/weekly basis as they used to, but now they know I update my blog daily and they know that each single day I will inform them what is new and worth mentioning :) and if any of them would like to know more they can comment the post of follow me on Google+ or FB or Twitter or Pinterest and I will be there for them ;)

Plus... being media oriented can become addictive :) You will wake up every morning and wonder to your laptop to check how many people viewed your page, how many people added you on Bloglovin' or how many are following you via Twitter :) Are they as many as yesterday? If not... WHY!?! Why, God?! WHY ME?! What have I done? Did I say anything wrong? The horror, the pain, the suffering... And then the next day... when  you fear for the worst and then the ray of sunshine comes up and you see that, in fact, you have more visitors today than you had 2 days before :))))

Blogging helps you connect with other people, meet new people from different places, with different cultures :) You get to read about their life's and they about yours. You get to exchange ideas and posts and sometimes you even find people whom you resonate with and can build friendships :)

All you need to do is be open minded and ask for advice :) Most bloggers are willing to share and you can learn so much!

Yours truly,
The Blogging LadyBug

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